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This is part 2 in the story mode of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

“Look! Is that a piece of a radio?” Julie was pointing to the ground near the newly risen zombie.

“If we can find enough pieces, we might be able to call for help,” Sandra suggested.

They looked at the radio piece.

“Someone would have to go out to get it,” Al said.

Father Michael was munching on his bag trail mix. He had offered to share, but no one else felt like eating.

“I’ll get it,” Father Michael said.

The rest of them protested, but Father Michael insisted.

Dead Panic 2“Keep me covered, and I can get out there and back.”

Father Michael dashed out to the radio piece, wounding one of the undead brutes with his final bullet. He managed to grab the equipment and get back to the cabin unscathed. As he was accomplishing this daring feat, another poor soul broke through the woods and headed toward the cabin. He managed to kill two zombies before he was overcome.

Meanwhile David was examining the crossbow he’d found (luckily with a lot of arrows), which he considered much more useful than the shotgun with only enough ammo for two shots. He’d also happily taken the energy drink Julie didn’t want, but she’d kept the nutrition bar and elephant gun. Sandra examined a coil of rope and first aid kit for usefulness, while Ray put on an army helmet and slipped an epi-pen into his pocket.


A zombie burst out of the fireplace and went after Al, who fell backwards and unfortunately dropped the AK-47 he’d just picked up. Ray jumped to his defense, but was no match for this brawler. Ray staggered away, clutching the gash in his arm, while Sandra took the kill shot. Luckily Ray hadn’t been bit.

Nervous about the dead zombie in their midst, everyone shifted around inside the cabin. It was no surprise when all jumped as they heard a loud crack!

“What was that?” Sandra asked.

“One of the zombies smashed into the wall,” Ray said, examining the crack in the wood.

David tested out the crossbow, killing one of the approaching zombies, and Sandra managed to kill another.

Then David helped to bandage Ray’s arm, getting quite a bit of blood on him in the process. They worried about the effect of all this fresh blood.

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