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This is part 3 in the story mode of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

“Is that another radio piece?” Al asked.

“Fantastic!” Sandra exclaimed.

Before anyone could talk him out of it, Father Michael made another mad dash for the radio piece. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it back inside without drawing the attention of the zombies. He decided to wait for a better moment.

David fired his shotgun and killed one of the undead brutes lurking outside. He then used its last round to kill another. Despite this, there were still more zombies descending on the cabin. Julie grabbed an elephant gun, practically disintegrating a zombie with its single shot, and then searched around for any more useful items. She uncovered another shotgun and handed Al some grip tape.

“Ugh, what is this?” Sandra asked. She was holding a tire iron in one hand, and a jar of some kind of muck in the other.

Ray hefted a crow bar and was about to answer but was distracted by Al. “What are you looking for?”

“The flare gun. I just had it,” Al replied.

“You lost the flare gun?”

Dead Panic 3Al glared at him, “like you’ve never misplaced anything.”

“I keep track of important things,” Ray snapped back. He reached into his pocket to use the epi-pen as an example, but found it wasn’t there.

“Hey, where’d that toolbox go?” David asked.

“What toolbox?” Sandra asked.

“The one with the hammer and nails,” he replied, starting to search for it.

There was a noise at one of the windows, and they all turned with weapons raised. Despite the boards covering the window, the young man from earlier had survived and managed to climb inside the cabin.

“I thought I was a goner out there,” he said with obvious relief.

Just then there was the sound of splintering wood, and a zombie burst through the wall in front of Ray. David quickly killed the zombie sprinting inside with his chainsaw, then raised his crossbow to take out a fourth. Julie killed two more with a rifle. Al stopped looking for his missing flare gun and used his AK-47 to kill one zombie and wound another.

“It doesn’t seem much safer in here,” the young man said as they all took a moment to catch their breath.

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