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This is part 4 in the story mode of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

Sandra wiped her forehead. “I’m going out there to back up the priest,” she said before moving outside, and taking on a zombie closing in on Father Michael. Since she was out of bullets, she was forced into close combat but luckily came out the victor.

“I’m going, too,” Al said as he stepped through the empty space where a wall used to be.

With both Sandra and Al covering him, Father Michael dashed back inside with the second radio piece.

“Hey, you might need this,” the young man said offering yet another radio piece to David.

Dead Panic 4David managed not to choke on the energy drink he’d found, and took the component. Before he could get it to Father Michael, the zombies closed in. David started to swing an empty shotgun, but instead tossed it away and used his crossbow to kill a zombie.

Sandra scuffled with yet another zombie, killing it, while Al and Julie took out the remaining zombies near the cabin.

With the blessed respite from danger, Sandra ducked back inside, brushing at something viscous on her shirt, while Al continued to cover the break in the cabin.

“Here,” Ray said, tossing Al his pipe wrench. “You’ll need that out there.”


Father Michael collected the last piece of the radio and assembled it. At David’s questioning stare, he said, “I’m a Ham Radio Operator”. When the stare turned to disbelief, he responded, “Priests have hobbies too.”

“As long as that works, I’ve got no complaints,” David replied, watching Julie shoot and kill another zombie.

“It might still take time to find someone listening who can send us help,” Father Michael said, turning the dials.

The young man’s screams pierced the air. A zombie had managed to break through another wall and surged into the cabin. Without a weapon, the young man barely managed to wound the zombie before dying. Al swiftly took revenge, killed two more zombies, and wounded another just for good measure. David also managed to kill two zombies as he watched over Father Michael at the radio.

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