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This is part 5 in the Play-by-Play version of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

Shutter (Ray) was bait.

President Gamer (Al) killed another zombie.

Space Cat (Father Michael) used the radio to call the van and gave an action to Chubby Unicorn (Julie).

The Professor (David) moved outside.

Chubby Unicorn moved outside and, using the free action plus Nutrition Bar, maked it into the van.

Clumsy Ninja moved back outside and killed a zombie.

The event was Rush.

President Gamer killed four more zombies and damaged another.

The Professor killed two zombies.

Clumsy Ninja engaged in melee combat and took a damage.

Dead Panic 5President Gamer took his turn as bait.

Now that we had the van and a driver, the goal was to get everyone into the van. Chubby Unicorn drove over to arc 4 to pick up Clumsy Ninja.

Shutter moved outside.

The event was Enraged, but we forgot about it (oops!).

President Gamer killed three zombies but was damaged.

The Professor damaged a zombie, and Clumsy Ninja damaged a brawler.

Shutter killed two zombies.

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