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This is part 6 in the story mode of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

Watching from the cabin, Father Michael prayed for Sandra’s safety. He rejoiced as she dove into the van.

Julie maneuvered the van around to get David, Ray, and Al. Sandra happily discovered a weapon supply (and a plethora ammo) in the back of the van and shot a zombie.

On his way to the van, David killed a zombie and wounded another.

David jumped into the van. “They were really after me,” he said a little breathlessly.

Sandra grunted an acknowledgement as she shot another zombie.

Ray climbed in the van then. “Father and Al are on their way.”

“So are more zombies!” Julie cried, watching three more surge out of the woods.

David and Ray also armed themselves and helped Sandra cover Father Michael and Al as they rushed to the van. Al killed one last zombie before he and Father Michael jumped in the van.

“Get us out of here!” David called to Julie, who gladly drove away from the cabin.

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