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This is another misadventure in the land of Lobstopia, check out the tag for more.
The villagers looked down at the bodies of The Professor and Space Cat and wondered how this could have happened.
It had started with a rumor that werewolves were living in the village, and things just escalated.
The werewolves had tried to lay low – they hadn’t even attacked anyone! They suspected that the Seer was behind all of this, but didn’t want to do anything hasty. After all, they weren’t even sure who the Seer was.
The Robber had laughed to herself. It had been so easy to trick everyone. She’d laid enough false trails that no one could tell what was going on. Even the town Troublemaker had inadvertently helped her. But when people turned up dead, she stopped congratulating herself. Maybe if she hadn’t done such a good job, the villagers would have found the werewolves.
Space Cat had only meant to cause a little trouble that night. She never imagined that the next morning she and an innocent villager would be accused of being werewolves and immediately killed.
President Gamer and Clumsy Ninja were glad to have survived this sticky situation.

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