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This is another misadventure in the land of Lobstopia, check out the tag for more.“Someone here must be a werewolf,” Professor said. “We’re not leaving until we find out who it is.”
Glances were exchanged across the room.
“Maybe if we knew who the Masons were, it’d be easier to figure out,” Chubby Unicorn said.
Despite the slight slur to her words, Professor agreed she had a point there.
“It’s not going to happen,” President Gamer said. “Masons are a secret society. You can’t be a secret society if you go around telling people what you are.”
“I’m a Mason,” Shutter said.
President Gamer groaned.
“He must be one, too,” Clumsy Ninja said.
“Or maybe that’s what he wants us to think, to throw us off track,” Professor said.
“That’s a good idea!” President Gamer exclaimed.
“He’s the Mason,” Chubby Unicorn said.
Despite these revelations, the discussion continued long after sunset. At some point Chubby Unicorn stumbled out into the night, but somehow found her way back as well.
“Let’s just put it to a vote, shall we?” Clumsy Ninja proposed.

She had no idea that when Professor received the most votes, it meant the others would immediately execute him. Which turned into a real tragedy when they learned that he was just a normal villager. Even more shocking was the discovery that Chubby Unicorn had been drinking that night, and when she stumbled out, she was attacked by a werewolf. She had no memory of this occurrence (most of her memories of that night were fuzzy), so she was just as surprised as everyone else when she turned into a werewolf during the next full moon.

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