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Mister X was on the run again! His rap sheet continues to grow. At this point, he is wanted for questioning related to the following:

  1. Possession of irrefutable evidence that Jar Jar Binks is in fact a Sith Lord
  2. Papers proving that the commercial airline industry is purposefully blocking the development of jet packs
  3. Possession of a map with the whereabouts of the world’s missing socks

Mister X box
We had already discovered this criminal mastermind’s true identity, President Gamer, and felt we had an advantage with expert profiler Detective Shutter on the case.

Reviewing tips and our map, we knew President Gamer had been seen somewhere on the coast of Spain. The following field offices lent agents to the pursuit:

  • Odense, Denmark: Professor
  • Venedig (Venice), Italy: Shutter
  • Debrecen, Hungary: Space Cat
  • Köln (Cologne), Germany: Clumsy Ninja
  • Salzburg, Austria: Chubby Unicorn

The wonderful transit system was both a boon and a bane, but we were able to quickly close in on his location in an attempt to block the most likely escape routes. Analyzing President Gamer’s options and debating on his likelihood of doubling back, we were finally able to confirm sightings in the following cities:

  1. Alicante, Spain – A special thanks to the local police for the tip
  2. The island city of Palma, Spain
  3. Barcelona, Spain

President Gamer managed to slip past Shutter in both Palma and Barcelona, but our resident expert’s quick analysis enabled her to contact Detective Professor with a message:

He's on the coast of France in Tours

Wasting no time, Detective Professor commandeered a taxi and sped to Tours where he successfully capture President Gamer, ending his reign of terror in only 8 days!mister-x-4

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