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Monthly Archives: October 2016

We’d heard about this game and had the opportunity to try it out at a convention.

Small World is a strategy game that might be more approachable than Risk. Game play is similar to Risk, but not as much relies on the rolling of dice. For the most part, you just use your strength to steal land from other players.

Chubby Unicorn: Diplomatic Amazons, Commando Trolls, and Dragon Master Tritons

Professor: Pillaging Halflings, Mounted Ghouls, and Flying Humans

Space Cat: Stout Elves, Seafaring Dwarves, and Spirit Giants

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This is part 4 in the Play-by-Play version of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

Chubby Unicorn (Julie) was bait.

By this point in the game it seemed wise for some players to move outside the cabin to draw the zombies away from the missing wall in our cabin. President Gamer (Al) and Clumsy Ninja (Sandra) ventured forth to deal some damage. As long as they were within a zombie’s line of sight, the zombies would move towards them instead of towards the cabin. Clumsy Ninja killed a zombie in a melee fight.

Space Cat (Father Michael) moved back into the cabin, and gave a free action to the Professor (David) who also used the Energy Drink to snag the last radio piece.

Our event was Rotten Wood. The Professor was the only one to lose a club.

Clumsy Ninja and President Gamer killed zombies in melee combat. The Professor killed a zombie, and Chubby Unicorn damaged one.

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This is part 4 in the story mode of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

Sandra wiped her forehead. “I’m going out there to back up the priest,” she said before moving outside, and taking on a zombie closing in on Father Michael. Since she was out of bullets, she was forced into close combat but luckily came out the victor.

“I’m going, too,” Al said as he stepped through the empty space where a wall used to be.

With both Sandra and Al covering him, Father Michael dashed back inside with the second radio piece.

“Hey, you might need this,” the young man said offering yet another radio piece to David.

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This game is recommended for people who like 7 Wonders. Since we love 7 Wonders, we decided to try out this game.

First, game play is nothing like 7 Wonders, but like 7 Wonders, your strategy can easily be foiled by the plays of others.

20150524_164023930_iOSSince gold coins can be so useful, they tend to disappear quickly at the beginning of the game, and some players hoard them. The first few times we played everyone reserved a card and took a gold coin on their first turn. This strategy can work out well if you choose the right card to reserve.

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This is part 3 in the Play-by-Play version of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

The Professor (David) was bait.

Space Cat (Father Michael) was able to get another radio piece. The Professor used his shotgun to kill two zombies, and Chubby Unicorn (Julie) killed a brawler with the elephant gun.

The Event this time was Looters. The Professor, Shutter (Ray), and President Gamer (Al) all discarded cards.

The second survivor made it into the cabin, but we also lost a wall.

Dead Panic 3The Professor killed two more zombies, Chubby Unicorn killed two more, and President Gamer killed a brute and damaged another zombie.

This is part 3 in the story mode of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

“Is that another radio piece?” Al asked.

“Fantastic!” Sandra exclaimed.

Before anyone could talk him out of it, Father Michael made another mad dash for the radio piece. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it back inside without drawing the attention of the zombies. He decided to wait for a better moment.

David fired his shotgun and killed one of the undead brutes lurking outside. He then used its last round to kill another. Despite this, there were still more zombies descending on the cabin. Julie grabbed an elephant gun, practically disintegrating a zombie with its single shot, and then searched around for any more useful items. She uncovered another shotgun and handed Al some grip tape.

“Ugh, what is this?” Sandra asked. She was holding a tire iron in one hand, and a jar of some kind of muck in the other.

Ray hefted a crow bar and was about to answer but was distracted by Al. “What are you looking for?”

“The flare gun. I just had it,” Al replied.

“You lost the flare gun?”

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As a group we’ve played Castle Panic several times, and we’ve enjoyed the Wizard’s Tower Expansion, so when we saw the Dark Titan expansion, it was an easy buy.

We had to do a refresher on the game because we’ve played Dead Panic more recently and, while similar, there are some very different aspects to game play. As usual, there were times in the game when things looked really bad. We had several Mega Boss monsters out, things were on fire, there were plagues. It was craziness! We prioritized keeping the Wizard’s Tower intact because the wizard cards were helping us to keep monsters with special kill zones in those zones (i.e. the Gargoyle). President Gamer relied on the regular Castle cards over the Wizard’s Deck, while the rest of us took a mix of cards. We managed to light Agranok on fire, but unfortunately a single fire can’t kill him since his last two HP have to be taken at the same time. Thankfully when we lit him on fire, we were also able to move him back, giving us more time to destroy him.

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This is part 2 in the Play-by-Play version of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

Because of the attracted by gunfire event of the previous round, Space Cat (Father Michael) was still bait.

Space Cat was able to pick up the radio piece left behind in a single turn by using the Trail Mix card. Meanwhile President Gamer (Al) found a zombie in the cabin (Graaaaagh!).

We drew the event Panic and everyone moved 1 space clockwise.

Dead Panic 2We then drew the last survivor (he killed two zombies and then died), so we just needed to get all the radio pieces. A Sprinter cracked a wall. Space Cat damaged a brute, the Professor (David) killed a zombie with his favorite weapon (crossbow), and Clumsy Ninja (Sandra) killed two. Shutter (Ray) tried to fight the brawler (from Graaaaagh!), but rolled a 6 and took damage.

This is part 2 in the story mode of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

“Look! Is that a piece of a radio?” Julie was pointing to the ground near the newly risen zombie.

“If we can find enough pieces, we might be able to call for help,” Sandra suggested.

They looked at the radio piece.

“Someone would have to go out to get it,” Al said.

Father Michael was munching on his bag trail mix. He had offered to share, but no one else felt like eating.

“I’ll get it,” Father Michael said.

The rest of them protested, but Father Michael insisted.

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Guest Players: Broadway, Mermaid, and Smurfette

For my birthday, I had a few friends over, and we ended up playing Castle Panic (one of my favorites!).  The Professor and I were the only ones who had experience with this game, and we suggested we play with our cards face up on the table.  This let us talk out a lot of the strategies and answer questions the new players had about their cards.  We had some unlucky Monster draws at the beginning of the game (Giant Boulders, Flaming Boulders, Plagues, and Draw Additional Monsters), but found the Wizard Deck to be extremely helpful in dealing with the repercussions.  Smurfette also had a few awesome turns that helped keep the monsters at bay.  Things were beginning to look bleak, though.  We had three walls left (all had been rebuilt at some point and one reinforced), and just two Towers (one being the Wizard Tower), but we managed to pull off a win.  Mermaid thought it was fitting that I dealt the final blow, it being my birthday and all.

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