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When the Sheriff’s men finished searching Foxglove Manor, they returned with evidence that the Skinsaw Man was part of a cult of Skinsaw Men from Magnimar. Though they were hoping for a break, Seoni and Seelah agreed to investigate.

At least their time on the road to Magnimar was uneventful.

Playing to their strengths, Seoni along with Shalelu Andosana set out for the local academy while Seelah and her standard bearer went to see what information the guards had at the city gate.

Seelah tried to hide her disappointment that the dog they found at the city gate wouldn’t let her pet it. Her standard bearer didn’t seem to notice, though she seemed disappointed that Seelah hadn’t picked up the set of darts. Ranged weapons just weren’t for a paladin.

It seemed like they’d only just arrived and began asking questions when they encountered Justice Ironbriar. He looked alarmed by Seelah’s presence, but she was more alarmed when he ordered a mercenary to attack her.

She easily defeated the mercenary, and demanded to know why Ironbriar had attacked her. He refused to answer and managed to slip from her grasp, so she could only assume he was somehow tangled up in this whole cult mess.

“Now what?” her standard bearer asked.

“Now we see if we can find out where he’s hiding. Ironbriar obviously has some answers we need.”

While the academy was practically overflowing with spells, Seoni wasn’t terribly impressed by them. There were so many, though, that she simple shoved several in her pack to look at later.

Given the trouble plaguing the area, she wasn’t surprised to find a zombie, which she easily incinerated with her scorching ray.

While she was talking to a Sage, her acolyte joined them and Shalelu warned her that a cultist was approaching and then left before Seoni could ask her any questions.

“Does she often do that?” the Sage asked.

Seoni tried not to grind her teeth. “All the time.”

“I think that cultist she warned us about is here,” Amy said, pointing to the red robed figure coming at them.

Seoni felt a little guilty as she used the Sage’s energy to fuel her spell, but she needed to act quickly. The cultist had no defense against her arcane energy and fell easily.

“Have I missed all the excitement then?” Buck asked.

Seoni chuckled. “Maybe we can find a locked chest for you to open,” she said, motioning her allies to follow her while they continued to search the academy.

Before Seelah thoroughly searched the mill, she took a moment to cast her cure spell. She wanted to be at her best.

“Is this a treasure map?”

Seelah took the piece of paper to examine it. “It does seem that way, and it looks like we happen to be near the end.” She surveyed the room. “I think we’re supposed to go through that door,” she said pointing.

Her standard bearer opened the door, but they didn’t find treasure. They jumped back in alarm as a Skinsaw cultist came through.

Seelah had let her guard down and had to take him in hand to hand combat, but she still managed to come out on top.

She then armed herself with her greatsword. “I don’t think Ironbriar is here. Let’s see if he is hiding at the temple.

They made the short trip over to the temple, but Seelah was required to leave something behind at the door. She chose to discard her chain mail.

This time Justice Ironbriar wasn’t pulling any punches. He sent an enchanter after them. Seelah had no way to block the first attack and was shocked when her standard bearer took the hit for her. Luckily the enchanter couldn’t block Seelah’s greatsword, but her death triggered a trap, practically exploding in Seelah’s face.

Despite the damage the fire did, Seelah still went after Ironbriar. He didn’t put up much of a fight and surrendered when it looked like he would come to bodily harm.

With Justice Ironbriar safely in her custody, Seelah went in search of Seoni so they could take him in for questioning.

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