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The interrogation of Ironbirar led the sheriff to ask Seoni and Seelah to investigate an “angel” in the Shadow Clock. He also warned them to keep on guard for faceless stalkers describing them as clay-like creatures possibly capable of shapeshifting.

A little wary of inspecting the Shadow Clock without more information, Seoni decided take her acolyte to the temple while Seelah checked out the Shrine to Lamashtu.

“Something seems to have happened here,” Seoni remarked as they passed yet another scimitar.

“It doesn’t look like it turned out well for whomever owned those weapons,” Amy added.

Seoni nodded in agreement as she examined a spyglass. It seemed to be intact which made it as useful acquisition. “Let’s see what else we can find.”

Seelah only spent enough time at the shrine to defeat a mercenary. Her gut told her she needed to go to the Shadow Clock, no matter how dangerous that might be.

The tower was as ominous as its name, and Seelah found herself confronting a frightening snake-woman.

“Are you Ironbriar’s angel?” she asked, her longsword at the ready.

The creature laughed behind her creepy mask. “I am Xanesha, and we will destroy you!”

The fight was brief but fierce. Seelah managed to wound Xanesha twice, and that was apparently enough for the cocky creature. She quickly slithered away, and Seelah lost sight of her. Unsure if she went to the Shrine of Lamashtu or the city gate, Seelah headed back to the shrine.

Seoni was glad she had the spyglass. Even though the magic was only good for one use before it needed recharging, it was able to show her the faceless stalker creeping up on them. She was able to prepare her ice spell boosted with Amy’s energy and focused it through her Sage’s journal. When the clay monster shambled into view and began to shapeshift, Seoni blasted it. It shattered, and she hoped when the clay pieces finally thawed, it wouldn’t be able to reform.

Seoni tucked her spell away to recharge and steadied her woozy acolyte. “I think you should rest. Those high power spells still take quite a toll on you.”

Amy agreed, and they parted ways outside the temple. Seoni set out for the city gate, putting on her Sihedron Medallion along the way.

Giant geckos were no problem for Seelah, but she really hated enchanters. They always managed to hit first and exploded when defeated. Seelah didn’t sustain any serious injuries from the encounter, but she did take time to cast her healing spell. She wanted to be fully prepared in case she found Xanesha.

On her way to the city gate, Seoni was joined by her toad. Though he could hop along at a good pace, she picked him up to move a bit faster.

The city gate was awfully quiet when they arrived, and Seoni nearly dropped the toad when a ghoul came around a corner. Instead, she used the toad’s energy to blast the ghoul with arcane energy. The creature disintegrated, and Seoni tucked her unconscious toad into her pack.

Something was definitely going on, so she prepared her fire spell to go along with her force missile and didn’t pass up the blast stone she saw on the ground.

She had been expecting another faceless stalker, so the snake woman was quite a surprise. Seoni didn’t let the creature’s fearsome appearance phase her. She blasted the reptilian woman with her force missile and scorching ray. The combination was enough to bring the monstrosity down.

Some time later, Seelah arrived.

“I see you found Xanesha.”

“Is that what it called itself,” Seoni replied.

Seelah nodded. “I think this was the angel Ironbriar was talking about.”

Seoni grimaced. “Interesting interpretation of that word. It looks like her equipment survived my spell.”

Seelah nodded. “It looks like she’s actually wearing a snakeskin tunic. It must be good if your spells didn’t damage it.”

They stripped the armor off Xanesha, and Seelah took her spear as well.

“If the sheriff wants to see the body, I say we let the city guard take care of that,” Seoni said, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

Seelah nodded. “They can also have that hideous mask and the medallion.”

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