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No one thought anything could survive inside the Maelstrom, but somehow Midas and Vito battled Bear Shark and Yeti within the turbulent waters.

Recognizing the Bear Shark as the more problematic opponent in their current location, Midas’s first move was simply to touch a fin. Before he could turn to chomp off Midas’s hand, the almost feathery tap instantly turned Bear Shark to gold, and he sank out of sight.

In an effort to get revenge, Yeti shot freezing blasts at Midas and Vito, but they were protected by a powerful Force Field. The blasts bounced back at Yeti, but since he was a creature of ice and snow, he remained unharmed.

Then Yeti pulled out his trusty Towel, but it just wasn’t enough to save him or recover Bear Shark. It also couldn’t do much to dry off his soaked fur.