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Cooperative Game

This is the play-by-play version of the previously posted story mode.

If you discard more than one card as the result of a combat check, bury one of those cards.

  • Seoni – Rin figurine
  • Seelah – Saber figurine


  • Farmhouse – Seoni start
  • Wooden Bridge
  • Woods
  • Guard Tower- Seelah Start

Seelah opening hand:

  1. Chain Mail (favored card type
  2. Blessing of the Gods x3

Seoni starting hand:

  1. Lightning Bolt (favored card type)
  2. Frost Ray
  3. Scorching Ray
  4. Blessing of Pharasma
  5. Sage’s Journal
  6. Force Missile

Seelah 1st turn

At the start of your turn, encounter a Bandit Henchman – Combat 8

Recharge a card of your choice. Recharged Blessing of the Gods

d8 (+4), used special to discard top card for a d6 (Standard Bearer), rolled 7, total 11, Bandit Henchman defeated

Encountered Battered Chest – Strength 8

d8 (+4), used special to discard top card for a d6 (Magic Half Plate), rolled 3, total 7, Battered Chest banished.

Drew Mirror Image

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While Seoni and Seelah had been dealing with the mess at Habe’s Sanatorium, Sandpoint developed a ghoul problem. On top of that, it seemed the guard tower was besieged by bandits. Seelah went to help the city guard, while Seoni headed to where the first ghoul was sighted: the farmhouse.

Seelah quickly lost track of how many bandits she’d fought. One had damaged her chain mail, which she had discarded during a lull in the battle. There had also been an ogre, and she recalled the troubadour showing up briefly after that battle. Between two of the bandit skirmishes, Seelah had met a guide, who could prove useful if she needed to explore the woods again. The woman waited patiently inside the guard tower, while Seelah continued to battle with her longsword and her newly acquired quarterstaff, wondering if there would ever be an end to these bandits.

Seoni had heard of Shalelu Andosana, but she hadn’t expected such a strange encounter. Shalelu had told her she would soon find tools she may or may not find useful, then she’d left. Shortly after that, Seoni had found two sets of thieves’ tools. She’d discarded the first set as it didn’t look well cared for, but the second set had been in much better condition, so she’d tucked those away for later. She’d also left the crossbow behind since she was not trained in such weapons.

That was when the zombie showed up. Glad to be versed in ranged spells instead of relying on hand to hand combat, Seoni quickly incinerated the undead creature. Then froze the mercenary who tried to get the jump on her.

The farmhouse was certainly turning out to be an interested place, but she still hadn’t seen any signs of a ghoul.

She looked down at her toad. “I don’t suppose you can sense ghouls, now can you?”

The toad croaked, and Seoni took that to be a negative response.

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The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game is another game we backed on Kickstarter (Kickstarter campaign).

It is a quick (< 30 minutes) co-op game where Harry Dresden (the protagonist of the Dresden Files book series, by Jim Butcher) and his friends/allies defeat various fiends, overcome obstacles, take advantages, and solve cases.

In game play terms, one person is Harry Dresden, and then everyone else picks who they like. However, in a 2 player game, each player takes 2 characters, but then shuffles those 2 decks together (a la Smash Up). Harry decides who goes first, at which point the game is afoot!

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This is the play-by-play version of the previously posted story mode.

When you defeat a Zombie Minion Henchman, randomly select an open location and shuffle the Zombie Minion into that deck.

  • Seoni – Rin figurine
  • Seelah – Saber figurine


  • Mill – Seoni start
  • Village House
  • General Store – Seelah Start
  • Habe’s Sanitorium

Seelah opening hand:

  1. Greatsword
  2. Chain Mail (favored card type)
  3. Troubadour
  4. Blessing of the Gods

Seoni starting hand:

  1. Blessing of the Gods
  2. Frost Ray (favored card type)
  3. Blessing of Pharasma
  4. Blessing of Irori
  5. Toad
  6. Force Missile

Seoni 1st turn

Encountered Locked Stone Door – Dexterity 13

d6, discarded Blessing of the Gods for another d6, Seelah discarded Blessing of the Gods for another d6, rolled 12 (one 2, one 4, one 6)

Locked Stone Door shuffled back into location deck

Drew Sage

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Not long after they returned to Sandpoint, the local sheriff asked Seoni and Seelah to look into another strange matter. People were reporting zombie sightings at an alarming rate. Other townsfolk had seen patients of Dr. Habe lurking about as well. Worried that the two might be connected, the sheriff asked that they help with the investigation. After so much turmoil, the local guard was spread a bit thin, so Seoni and Seelah agreed to help.

Seoni decided to start with the mill since the most recent sightings had been there, which Seelah and her troubadour headed for the general store. There had been reports of trouble in that area, and she wanted to see if any new weapons had been shipped in.

Seoni was a little surprised to find a stone door at the mill and even more surprised when it turned out to be locked. She attempted to unlock it, but had no success. She asked her toad for suggestions, but as usual he didn’t have much to contribute to the conversation.

“Perhaps we should simply search for another way in,” the Sage suggested as she joined them.

They began to search for another entry point. Seoni saw a discarded short sword, but left it where it was along with an elven chain shirt. She needed to focus.

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Friends of mine were getting married, and even though they had a small ceremony, we wanted to get them something. They have a young daughter, so we thought we’d get them a family game. We considered Best Treehouse Ever, but it was out of stock on Amazon. I did some searching and stumbled upon the Family Pastimes games. They’re cooperative games with rules for 5-7 years old, 7-12 years old, and 12+. We really like cooperative games, but there aren’t many that are for younger age groups. I ordered one game for them, and put Ogres and Elves on my wishlist. Then Christmas came around, and Ogres and Elves was one of my gifts. I had completely forgotten about it!

First of all, it’s not exactly quality craftsmanship. The board doesn’t lay quite flat and the pieces are cheap cardboard. If that’s the sort of thing that’s going to bother you, just skip this one. I wasn’t thrilled when I was punching out the tokens (several stuck), but I still wanted to play the game.

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This is the play-by-play version of the previously posted story mode.
The difficulty to acquire items and weapons is increased by 2

  • Seoni – Rin figurine
  • Seelah – Saber figurine


  • Thassilonian Dungeon – Seoni start
  • Throne Room
  • Warrens
  • Goblin Fortress – Seelah start

Seelah opening hand:

  1. Greatsword
  2. Magic Half-Plate (favored card type)
  3. Longsword +1
  4. Blessing of the Gods

Seoni starting hand:

  1. Blessing of the Gods
  2. Scorching Ray (favored card type)
  3. Blessing of Pharasma x2
  4. Blessing of Lamashtu
  5. Sage

Seelah 1st turn

Encountering Rat Swarm

Encountered Rat Swarm – Combat 8

If Rat Swarm is not defeated by at least 4, it is shuffled back into location deck.

Greatsword – d8 (+4) and 2d6, used special to discard top card for a d6 (Standard Bearer), rolled 9 (two 1s, one 2, one 5), total 13, Rat Swarm defeated

Seoni 1st turn

Encountered Potion of Glibness – Intelligence 4

Increased to 6 because of Thistletop Delve

d8, rolled 1

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Though they had defeated Gogmurt, the threat had not yet died. They’d sent their allies off to try to find more information, but it seemed Nualia, who was supposed to be dead, was the true source of trouble in Thistletop and Sandpoint. They decided to search the goblin fortress again as well as the Thassilonian dungeon, the warrens, and of course the throne room of the Thistletop fortress.

Seoni and Seelah decided a fresh set of eyes in the goblin fortress would be better, so Seelah headed off in that direction. Seoni, with the Sage by her side, set off for the Thassilonian dungeon.

Seelah was a bit surprised her greatsword had been so effective against the rat swarm she’d encountered upon entering the goblin fortress. She finished cleaning her sword and moved farther in. It wasn’t long before she found a man who looked to be a mercenary.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Orik Vancaskerkin.”

The name sounded vaguely familiar. “What are you doing here?”

“Being a distraction.”

Seelah raised her sword. “Then you’re working with Nualia.”

That brought an end to the conversation, and they attacked. Seelah quickly dispatched him and turned to leave. If he was a distraction, then Nualia wasn’t in the goblin fortress.


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This is the sixth in a seven part series on superhero games. In this entry I’ll discuss Sentinels of the Multiverse plus expansions.

Sentinels is another favorite of ours, and once again we have a lot of expansions:

  1. Rook City
  2. Infernal Relics
  3. Shattered Timelines
  4. Wrath of the Cosmos
  5. Vengeance
  6. Villains of the Multiverse

We also have several mini-expansions: Celestial Tribunal, Final Wasteland, Omnitron IV, Silver Gulch, Guise, Scholar, Unity, Ambuscade, Checkpoint, Miss Information, and Wager Master.

In this card game you choose a Hero and you’ll play with that deck throughout the game. We usually play a two player game, so we each choose two decks. You also choose a Villain Deck and Environment Deck. The Villain goes first, then the Heroes, and finally the Environment. As you turn over or play cards, you follow the instructions on the card.
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This is the fifth in a seven part series on superhero games. In this entry, I’ll discuss Legendary plus a bunch of its expansions.

Legendary is our favorite deck building game, which explains why we have so many expansions:

  1. Captain America 75th Anniversary
  2. Dark City
  3. Fantastic Four
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy
  5. Paint the Town Red
  6. Secret Wars 1

Professor and I play this game quite a bit, so I’ll just explain the 2 player set up. You choose 5 Heroes (each has a 14 card deck) and shuffle them together to create the 70 card Hero Deck. Each Hero has at least one icon on the card indicating the Hero Type. This is important to look at when you’re choosing your Heroes because if Iron Man is the only Tech Type Hero you have, it’s going to be difficult to use some of his special abilities. Also, some Villains and Masterminds attack you unless you have a certain class of Hero or a Hero on a certain team (like Avengers).

You choose your Mastermind and Scheme, which will tell you what has to be in your Villain Deck (Villain Groups, Henchmen Groups, Bystanders, Scheme Twists, and Master Strikes). The Mastermind plus its 4 Mastermind Tactic cards and the Scheme card go in their indicated locations on the board. The rest of the “villain” cards are shuffled together to create the Villain Deck. There’s also places on the board for the rest of the Bystanders, Wounds (30 in the base), and SHIELD Officer Maria Hill (30). Each player gets a 12 card starting deck (8 SHIELD Agents and 4 SHIELD Troopers).

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