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Rather than give a strict play by play, entries in this category use a more literary flow

It finally seemed like the sheriff had run out of tasks for Seoni and Seelah. They were discussing their potential destinations when Shalelu Andosana approached them.

“I need your help,” she said.

Given how helpful she’d been, Seoni almost immediately agreed without hearing any details, but Seelah wanted to know more.

“Fort Rannick has fallen, and I would like to go to Turtleback Ferry to investigate. Rumors are that a clan of deformed ogres are involved.”

Seelah looked at Seoni who shrugged as if to say, “what do you think?”

“Sounds like something worth looking into,” Seelah said.

Shalelu thanked them, then said she would scout ahead for them. The trip was fairly short and Seelah decided to begin by searching the woods, her standard bearer at her side. Seoni took her toad to a rather rundown looking farmhouse.

Seelah was used to woods being treacherous, but she hadn’t expected to immediately run into one of the deformed ogres. This one had a hound with him, which was immediately sent to attack her. She easily dispatched the dog with her longsword. The ogre seemed a bit distracted by the loss of his pet and also fell quickly.

When no other ogres showed up, Seelah assume she’d taken care of the biggest threat and decided to head to the wooden bridge.

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The interrogation of Ironbirar led the sheriff to ask Seoni and Seelah to investigate an “angel” in the Shadow Clock. He also warned them to keep on guard for faceless stalkers describing them as clay-like creatures possibly capable of shapeshifting.

A little wary of inspecting the Shadow Clock without more information, Seoni decided take her acolyte to the temple while Seelah checked out the Shrine to Lamashtu.

“Something seems to have happened here,” Seoni remarked as they passed yet another scimitar.

“It doesn’t look like it turned out well for whomever owned those weapons,” Amy added.

Seoni nodded in agreement as she examined a spyglass. It seemed to be intact which made it as useful acquisition. “Let’s see what else we can find.”

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When the Sheriff’s men finished searching Foxglove Manor, they returned with evidence that the Skinsaw Man was part of a cult of Skinsaw Men from Magnimar. Though they were hoping for a break, Seoni and Seelah agreed to investigate.

At least their time on the road to Magnimar was uneventful.

Playing to their strengths, Seoni along with Shalelu Andosana set out for the local academy while Seelah and her standard bearer went to see what information the guards had at the city gate.

Seelah tried to hide her disappointment that the dog they found at the city gate wouldn’t let her pet it. Her standard bearer didn’t seem to notice, though she seemed disappointed that Seelah hadn’t picked up the set of darts. Ranged weapons just weren’t for a paladin.

It seemed like they’d only just arrived and began asking questions when they encountered Justice Ironbriar. He looked alarmed by Seelah’s presence, but she was more alarmed when he ordered a mercenary to attack her.

She easily defeated the mercenary, and demanded to know why Ironbriar had attacked her. He refused to answer and managed to slip from her grasp, so she could only assume he was somehow tangled up in this whole cult mess.

“Now what?” her standard bearer asked.

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Though Foxglove Manor’s reputation for being haunted was nothing new, there seemed to be a recent increase in the number of ghost sightings. Some even claimed to have seen Iesha Foxglove as well as someone they called the Skinsaw Man.

Seoni decided to see if any spells at the academy might help in fighting this new undead threat. Her companions the toad and Shalelu Andosana went with her.

Foxglove Manor seemed like the logical place to start, but there had been more reported sightings of the Skinsaw Man near the farmhouse than around the manor.

Seoni was pleasantly surprised by her discovery of a poison spell, but she was less than thrilled when Shalelu left, declaring a guide would come in her place. Seoni wasn’t sure how helpful the guide would be, but at least she simply stood quietly while Seoni gathered spells.

A chill went up Seoni’s spine, an unexplainable breeze rustled the papers on the table next to her, and she thought she heard eerie moaning.

“What is that?”

Her new guide looked a bit pale. “A haunt.”

“You mean a ghost?”

“No, a haunt. It’s attached itself to you.”

Seoni didn’t like the sound of that. “How do I get rid of it?”

The guide shrugged. “I’m sorry. I don’t know.”

Seoni decided it was time to leave the academy and see if they could find answers at Foxglove Manor.

The farmhouse turned out to be a bit of a treasure trove. Seelah had managed to pick up a token of remembrance, a longsword, and chain mail. She’d left the spyglass and cape where she’d found them, but did wonder how so many items ended up there.

The farmhouse was also rife with monsters. She’d defeated a bugbear, a zombie giant, and a spectre, so she wasn’t surprised when she ran into the Skinsaw Man.

Seelah had gone up against a plethora a foes on her own, but the Skinsaw Man proved to be much more of a challenge. She managed to have the upper hand at the beginning, but had to retreat after a severe blow, allowing the enemy to escape. Her new chain mail had been damaged, so she discarded it. She also cast her cure spell to recover from the fight which turned out to be the best thing she could have done because the Skinsaw Man hadn’t gone far.

This time she got lucky and managed to wound him before he fled again, clearly leaving the farmhouse and heading towards the warrens. Seelah set out after him, her greatsword and longsword at the ready.

Foxglove Manor did not disappoint. As soon as they walked in, they encountered a ghost. Seoni used her toad’s energy to blast the spirit with arcane energy, then carefully tucked her exhausted toad into her pack. She then prepared her force missile in order to be ready for any further attacks.

Of course then all she found were potions, locked chests, and useless spells. They did stumble upon a plague zombie, but it couldn’t stand up to the assault of Seoni’s spell.

Seoni nearly jumped out of her skin when Shalelu showed back up. The haunt following her around definitely had her a bit jumpy.

“I just came to warn you that you’re going to encounter another haunt.”

“Another one? How do you know?”

But Shalelu was already gone, and her prediction turned out to be correct. Seoni rubbed her arms in the sudden chill and wished she had a cloak. Her guide seemed unfazed by this turn of events and simply suggested they investigate the warrens for any possible answers.

Seoni nodded her agreement and gestured for the guide to lead on.

Seelah had just defeated a goblin warrior when Seoni arrived in the warrens.

“You look a bit pale, are you all right?”

Seoni shuddered. “I’m being haunted.”


“I have two haunts following me around. It’s very unpleasant.”

Seelah was going to ask for more details, but she was distracted by a sudden chill and eerie noises.

“Did you hear that?” she asked Seoni.

“Oh no, it seems you have one now, as well.”

Seelah did not want to be haunted and was about to ask if there was anything they could do, when the guide with Seoni spoke.

“Iesha Foxglove.”

They turned and saw an undead woman. Before they could ask the guide for further information, Iesha rushed Seelah. There wasn’t much any of them could do. The fight and Iesha Foxglove where gone so quickly, Seoni had trouble following what had happened. She knelt down beside Seelah.

“Are you all right?”

Seelah shook her head. Her swords and everything else she’d been carrying was damaged. She stowed it all away, a bit upset with the situation. Luckily her magic half-plate and spiked chain were in excellent condition, especially since they then found the Skinsaw Man.

“Do you want me to handle this?” Seoni asked.

Again, Seelah shook her head. “We’ll keep to our usual plan. I’ll go for the frontal assault, and you blast him when you get an opening.”

Seelah held nothing back in her attack and even threw her spiked chain around the Skinsaw Man, giving Seoni the perfect opportunity to strike with her super charged lightning bolt.

Once their enemy fell, the haunts disappeared.

Seoni shivered one last time as the perpetual chill was lifted. “I certainly hope to never encounter a haunt again.”

Seelah groaned as she picked up her spiked chain. “Let’s go get a bath and a good meal before meeting with the sheriff.”

Seoni agreed. They needed a bit of a break before diving into whatever new disaster the sheriff was likely to present them with.

While Seoni and Seelah had been dealing with the mess at Habe’s Sanatorium, Sandpoint developed a ghoul problem. On top of that, it seemed the guard tower was besieged by bandits. Seelah went to help the city guard, while Seoni headed to where the first ghoul was sighted: the farmhouse.

Seelah quickly lost track of how many bandits she’d fought. One had damaged her chain mail, which she had discarded during a lull in the battle. There had also been an ogre, and she recalled the troubadour showing up briefly after that battle. Between two of the bandit skirmishes, Seelah had met a guide, who could prove useful if she needed to explore the woods again. The woman waited patiently inside the guard tower, while Seelah continued to battle with her longsword and her newly acquired quarterstaff, wondering if there would ever be an end to these bandits.

Seoni had heard of Shalelu Andosana, but she hadn’t expected such a strange encounter. Shalelu had told her she would soon find tools she may or may not find useful, then she’d left. Shortly after that, Seoni had found two sets of thieves’ tools. She’d discarded the first set as it didn’t look well cared for, but the second set had been in much better condition, so she’d tucked those away for later. She’d also left the crossbow behind since she was not trained in such weapons.

That was when the zombie showed up. Glad to be versed in ranged spells instead of relying on hand to hand combat, Seoni quickly incinerated the undead creature. Then froze the mercenary who tried to get the jump on her.

The farmhouse was certainly turning out to be an interested place, but she still hadn’t seen any signs of a ghoul.

She looked down at her toad. “I don’t suppose you can sense ghouls, now can you?”

The toad croaked, and Seoni took that to be a negative response.

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Not long after they returned to Sandpoint, the local sheriff asked Seoni and Seelah to look into another strange matter. People were reporting zombie sightings at an alarming rate. Other townsfolk had seen patients of Dr. Habe lurking about as well. Worried that the two might be connected, the sheriff asked that they help with the investigation. After so much turmoil, the local guard was spread a bit thin, so Seoni and Seelah agreed to help.

Seoni decided to start with the mill since the most recent sightings had been there, which Seelah and her troubadour headed for the general store. There had been reports of trouble in that area, and she wanted to see if any new weapons had been shipped in.

Seoni was a little surprised to find a stone door at the mill and even more surprised when it turned out to be locked. She attempted to unlock it, but had no success. She asked her toad for suggestions, but as usual he didn’t have much to contribute to the conversation.

“Perhaps we should simply search for another way in,” the Sage suggested as she joined them.

They began to search for another entry point. Seoni saw a discarded short sword, but left it where it was along with an elven chain shirt. She needed to focus.

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Though they had defeated Gogmurt, the threat had not yet died. They’d sent their allies off to try to find more information, but it seemed Nualia, who was supposed to be dead, was the true source of trouble in Thistletop and Sandpoint. They decided to search the goblin fortress again as well as the Thassilonian dungeon, the warrens, and of course the throne room of the Thistletop fortress.

Seoni and Seelah decided a fresh set of eyes in the goblin fortress would be better, so Seelah headed off in that direction. Seoni, with the Sage by her side, set off for the Thassilonian dungeon.

Seelah was a bit surprised her greatsword had been so effective against the rat swarm she’d encountered upon entering the goblin fortress. She finished cleaning her sword and moved farther in. It wasn’t long before she found a man who looked to be a mercenary.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Orik Vancaskerkin.”

The name sounded vaguely familiar. “What are you doing here?”

“Being a distraction.”

Seelah raised her sword. “Then you’re working with Nualia.”

That brought an end to the conversation, and they attacked. Seelah quickly dispatched him and turned to leave. If he was a distraction, then Nualia wasn’t in the goblin fortress.


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“Is that a toad?” Seelah asked as she joined Seoni at a table at the local tavern.

“It is.”

“Why do you have a toad?”

Seoni glanced at Seelah. “What if I told you it’s a magic toad?”

Seelah paused before answering. “Then you should take it with you when we go looking for the wrathful sinspawn. The sheriff has reports of the creatures coming up from tunnels discovered at the village house, the catacombs, the glassworks, and the shrine to Lamashtu. I was thinking I’d head to the shrine.”

Seoni couldn’t say she was thrilled to be enlisted for this expedition without being asked but decided not to argue the point. “I’ll start at the village house.”

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After the goblin attack, Seelah and Seoni agreed they needed a bit of a break. The locals were clamoring to thank them for their defense of the town, and it actually seemed as though they had time to see what Sandpoint had to offer.

Seoni decided to take her acolyte Amy to the Academy, though she wondered why Buck was tagging along. She’d have to keep a close eye on him in case his fingers got sticky.

Seelah headed to the woods. Before she could really relax, she wanted to do one final sweep for enemies.

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Enemies of Asgard were on the move, and it was up to Odin, Frey, and Freyja to keep Ragnarok from taking place. Odin would use his powers to attempt to anticipate enemy movements to give the gods the upper hand.

Thankfully all the weapons of the gods were available to them, and they each armed themselves to deal with certain enemies. Freyja was prepared to battle Nidhogg and Loki, Frey would take on Hel and Fenrir, and Odin would fight Surt and Jormungand. Both Odin and Freyja were also prepared to assist Frey with Fenrir, who looked to be the most problematic of the enemies.

The gods knew how tough the enemy was, so they sent the Valkyries to recruit help from Midgard, having them bring Vikings to help them in battle. At first they faced some difficulties with the Fire Giants trying to take the place of Vikings, but eventually they were able to send the Fire Giants back where they belonged and were able to get the help they required.  They also managed to convince the World of the Elves to send a few Elves as backup.  Finally they called on Vanir to be prepared to help in case things were looking bleak.

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