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Fu-ka, undercover as Chubby Unicorn, knew there were two Shadows lurking on the streets. She also knew another Hunter was in town, but hadn’t been able to identify her ally yet. She’d narrowed the possibilities down to four: Professor, Space Cat, Clumsy Ninja, and Signing Monkey. One was the other Hunter and two were Shadows which meant one of them was a neutral party. She would have to observe their actions carefully to discover who was who.

Professor and Space Cat had a series of altercations at the Church and Cemetery. Space Cat came out worse than Professor, though Clumsy Ninja and Signing Monkey also attacked him. Either they were attacking each other blindly, which only complicated matters, or Professor was the other Hunter. Just in case he was her hidden ally, Chubby Unicorn decided to help Professor tend to his wounds. In any case, she hoped to foster a bit of good will to stave off any attacks from him.

Clumsy Ninja continued on her violent spree, attacking Chubby Unicorn and Signing Monkey. Chubby Unicorn began to suspect Clumsy Ninja of being a Shadow, especially since she attacked with a creepy doll. Signing Monkey was lucky to walk away without a scratch. Before Chubby Unicorn could recover from the creepy doll incident, Signing Monkey attacked. Chubby Unicorn decided it was time to start fighting back, even without confirmation of her ally, and counterattacked.

The attacks continued, Space Cat and Signing Monkey attacking Clumsy Ninja. In an incredibly confusing move, Clumsy Ninja then helped to heal Space Cat. It simply didn’t make sense! How was Chubby Unicorn supposed to identify her ally if everyone’s behavior was so erratic?

The only one who’s actions were consistent was Signing Monkey. She was attacking everyone, and she brutally went after Professor again. It was unlikely she was the other Hunter, so Chubby Unicorn decided to take a chance with Space Cat. She forced her to reveal her true identity, and luckily Space Cat turned out to be Gregor, the other Hunter. Considering the violence happening, Chubby Unicorn was unconcerned about the neutral party, and decided she just needed to take the others down, starting with Clumsy Ninja.

Professor and Space Cat clashed again, and though she took some damage, she ultimately killed Professor who turned out to be the Shadow Ultra Soul. Chubby Unicorn and Space Cat just needed to defeat the last Shadow, and their work would be completed.

It now seemed to be an all out war. Space Cat and Chubby Unicorn against Clumsy Ninja and Signing Monkey. They clashed several times, and Clumsy Ninja dealt the killing blow to Chubby Unicorn.

Space Cat continued on alone, battling her foes despite her injuries. It seemed like she had a decent chance, until Signing Monkey pulled out a machine gun, hitting both Space Cat and Clumsy Ninja. Unable to recover from her wounds Space Cat died.

With no reason to continue fighting, Clumsy Ninja revealed herself to be the Shadow Valkyrie and Signing Monkey turned out to be Catherine. Even though she wasn’t a Shadow or a Hunter, she was a rather violent individual.

Somewhere in the afterlife Ultra Soul was celebrating the triumph of the Shadows.

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