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Enemies of Asgard were on the move, and it was up to Odin, Frey, and Freyja to keep Ragnarok from taking place. Odin would use his powers to attempt to anticipate enemy movements to give the gods the upper hand.

Thankfully all the weapons of the gods were available to them, and they each armed themselves to deal with certain enemies. Freyja was prepared to battle Nidhogg and Loki, Frey would take on Hel and Fenrir, and Odin would fight Surt and Jormungand. Both Odin and Freyja were also prepared to assist Frey with Fenrir, who looked to be the most problematic of the enemies.

The gods knew how tough the enemy was, so they sent the Valkyries to recruit help from Midgard, having them bring Vikings to help them in battle. At first they faced some difficulties with the Fire Giants trying to take the place of Vikings, but eventually they were able to send the Fire Giants back where they belonged and were able to get the help they required.  They also managed to convince the World of the Elves to send a few Elves as backup.  Finally they called on Vanir to be prepared to help in case things were looking bleak.

The battles were fierce, though with the help of Vikings and Elves the gods usually were able to beat back the enemy. Loki’s allies, the Frost Giants, began to cause difficulties. First they tried to block the Elves from sending aid, then they boosted the strength of Jormungand and Fenrir, next they boosted their own power. They also tried to block access to the World of the Dead which would limit how many Vikings the Valkyries could call on for aid. Then they somehow froze all the weapons of the gods and kept the gods from communicating with each other through the World of Darkness. Finally they boosted Hel’s powers. Though the gods were unable to defeat all the Frost Giants, they were able to beat all but three of them. This gave them back their allies and weapons, and returned Jormungand and Fenrir to their normal strength.

The gods had managed to keep most of the enemy in check. Only a few had managed to move beyond the wall of Asgard, but Hel somehow made it beyond the door of Valhalla! Her power was growing as she neared Odin’s Residence, but Frey was able to defeat her, sending her back through the door of Valhalla.

Worried about Fenrir surging forward, Freyja called upon Vanir to use the power he’d been saving to knock Fenrir back. After the final battles with Fenrir, Hel, and Surt, the gods had finally beaten back the enemy and saved Yggdrasil from Ragnarok!

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