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Llamas have become sort of a thing in our house because of a hilarious road trip incident. As we were driving to a convention, Professor asked if Space Cat and I had read the new rules.

He said, “They aren’t allowing llamas!”

He interrupted his own sentence to point out llamas in a field beside the road, but we took the sentence as you see it above, stating our disbelief that they wouldn’t be allowing llamas. This occurred near the beginning of the trip, so we had mostly forgotten about it by the time we arrived at the con.

Then we walked into the dealer’s hall.

Stuffed llamas for sale. Everywhere.

Of course we gave Professor a hard time about this, and ever since llamas have been a bit of a thing. We realize that alpacas and llamas aren’t the same animal, but they’re close enough to continue the joke.

Enter the card game Alpaca Pacapaca.

This is a really easy and quick game. Every player gets a body and a head (there are different heads), and then depending on the number of players certain neck cards are shuffled into the deck (neck accessories worth various points). During your turn you draw 2 cards, add one to your alpaca and discard the other face down. Why face down? Because you have the option to take the ENTIRE discard pile instead of drawing. If you take the discard pile, you have to add all the pieces to your alpaca. The drawback is people have probably discarded muddy cards which take away points. If you play a baby card, you only get the points if you have the matching accessory (like the pink bow to match the girl baby). The game ends when the draw pile runs out. The player with the longest neck is awarded bonus points, and the player with the most points wins.

This is definitely a family friendly game. It’s just a deck of cards with the rules, so it’s pretty compact and is a good filler.

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