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This is the play by play of the previously posted story mode.
Judge: President Gamer

Clumsy Ninja and Shutter vs Chubby Unicorn and Professor

Arena: Sewer

Initial cards: Clumsy Ninja and Shutter played Gardner and Floating Brain. Professor and Chubby Unicorn played Banshee and Cyborg.

Special cards played: Towel and Portable Hole

Arguments: The Floating Brain was lost in the Portable Hole. The Gardner used the Towel to protect her ears from the Banshee’s scream (which was judged to not be powerful enough to get through the Towel), and used her plant powers to keep the Cyborg busy. Cyborg’s laser defenses were not enough to defeat the plants.

Winners: Clumsy Ninja and Shutter

Round 5

Winner of the Game: Clumsy Ninja

Winner’s Cards

Unless you’re used to telling crazy stories, it takes a bit to get into this game. There are the basic rules about how many cards are played and how game play shifts around the table, but all other “rules” are decided on by the Judge. It wasn’t until President Gamer was the judge that anyone ruled something as impossible which changed the arguments. For the most part we were willing to accept anything as possible.

For the more creative people, being the Judge can be difficult. The Judge only rules on the arguments and cannot add to them or just in general comment on what’s being said. If everyone enjoys the first run through of the game, it’s probably a good idea to play again immediately. Then everyone already has a feel for the game and creative juices are flowing. President Gamer said the game wasn’t really his thing, so we switched to a different game.

Deep down in the depths of the Sewer, the Gardner and the Floating Brain faced off against the Banshee and the Cyborg. A phosphorescent moss cast an eerie glow upon the battle.

Before anyone else could make a move, Cyborg activated his Portable Hole which sucked in the Floating Brain. It was never seen again. Despite losing her ally so quickly, the Gardner battled on. As the Banshee opened her mouth to release her ear shattering cries, the Gardner wrapped her trusty Towel around her head. Even though the Banshee’s screams had taken down stronger foes, the piercing shrieks could not penetrate the Towel. The Banshee wailed on until she collapsed from exhaustion.

Meanwhile, the Gardner kept Cyborg busy by sending her plants to attack him. Vines ensnared him and attempted to burrow into his circuitry. His laser defenses could only keep them at bay so long, and soon he was engulfed in plant life.

The Gardner stood victorious in her domain deep within the earth.

This is the play by play of the previously posted story mode.
Judge: Shutter

Clumsy Ninja and Chubby Unicorn vs President Gamer and Professor

Arena: Maelstrom

Initial cards: Clumsy Ninja and Chubby Unicorn played Midas and Vito. President Gamer and Professor play Bear Shark and Yeti

Special cards played: Force Field and Towel

Arguments: Midas turned the Bear Shark to gold. Midas and Vito were protected by the force field, bouncing the Yeti’s freeze power back at him. The Towel couldn’t help the Bear Shark or Yeti.

Winners: Clumsy Ninja and Chubby Unicorn

Round 4

No one thought anything could survive inside the Maelstrom, but somehow Midas and Vito battled Bear Shark and Yeti within the turbulent waters.

Recognizing the Bear Shark as the more problematic opponent in their current location, Midas’s first move was simply to touch a fin. Before he could turn to chomp off Midas’s hand, the almost feathery tap instantly turned Bear Shark to gold, and he sank out of sight.

In an effort to get revenge, Yeti shot freezing blasts at Midas and Vito, but they were protected by a powerful Force Field. The blasts bounced back at Yeti, but since he was a creature of ice and snow, he remained unharmed.

Then Yeti pulled out his trusty Towel, but it just wasn’t enough to save him or recover Bear Shark. It also couldn’t do much to dry off his soaked fur.

This is the play by play of the previously posted story mode.
Judge: Clumsy Ninja

Shutter and President Gamer vs Chubby Unicorn and Professor

Arena: Lunar Colony

Initial cards: Chubby Unicorn and Professor played the Mad Scientist and Nyan Cat. Shutter and President Gamer played Ninja and Medusa

Special Cards played: Taser and Insane Glue

Arguments: Nyan Cat mesmerized Medusa so she couldn’t turn anyone to stone. Nyan Cat also distracted the Ninja, allowing the Mad Scientist to tase him. The Ninja threw Insane Glue on Nyan Cat, but the Mad Scientist easily dissolved it.

Winners: Chubby Unicorn and Professor

Round 3

Things had been peaceful on the Lunar Colony. The colonists were seeing steady progress in their endeavors and were a generally happy bunch. Considering they were living in space, things were pretty normal.

And then it got weird.

Several reports came in of Nyan Cat flying around Medusa, which seemed to mesmerize her and render her incapable of turning anyone to stone. Bystanders were relieved, but still puzzled over where these creatures came from and why they were fighting.

The rainbow trail of the Nyan Cat was also reported to distract the Ninja (who obviously wasn’t a very good ninja if people saw him). The Mad Scientist used this lapse in concentration and tased the Ninja, who recovered with amazing speed and bombarded Nyan Cat with Insane Glue.

Before Medusa could come to her senses, the Mad Scientist pulled a beaker from his lab coat and splashed some sort of concoction on Nyan Cat, dissolving the glue.

Medusa and the Ninja then fled the scene. The Mad Scientist and Nyan Cat have refused to shed any light on this strange encounter.

This is the play by play of the previously posted story mode.
Judge: Chubby Unicorn

Shutter and Clumsy Ninja vs President Gamer and Professor

Arena: Court Room

Initial cards: Shutter and Clumsy Ninja played the Politician and the Pirate. President Gamer and Professor played the Barista and Police Dog

Special cards played: Tempest in a Teapot and Mithril Tux

Arguments: The Barista was just trying to help the Police Dog apprehend criminals. The Politician and Pirate were set up by the Barista and Police Dog. They used their Tempest in a Teapot out of self-defense. And what Barista can afford a Mithril Tux?

Winners: Shutter and Clumsy Ninja

Round 2


Things began simple enough in the nearly empty courtroom. The Politician and the Pirate took their seats as did the Barista and the Police Dog. But things didn’t stay civil for long.

“I was just trying to help the Police Dog apprehend criminals,” the Barista was explaining to the judge.

The Politician leapt to his feet. “We were set up!”

“Tha’s right,” the Pirate agreed also rising. “Arrre business be a legit’mat one.”

The Police Dog growled at the implication that he was corrupt.

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This is the play by play of the previously posted story mode.
We’ve had this game for a while, but we haven’t had an opportunity to play it.  This type of game isn’t really Space Cat’s thing, and we don’t want to make her feel left out.  Since Space Cat wasn’t here, we pulled out Story War.

Our first round went like this:
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The Builder and the Frog Prince faced the Bugbear and Queen Bee on the Plains. Knowing they would need a defensible position, the Builder erected a fort with incredible speed. The Builder and Frog Prince felt safer behind its walls.
Queen Bee found this laughable, and actually laughed manically as she activated the Machine of Death. She wasn’t entirely sure what the machine did, but she felt certain that soon she and Bugbear would avenge all their bug comrades eaten by the Frog Prince.
Little did Queen Bee know, the Frog Prince was considered worthy and used Thor’s hammer to not only destroy her Machine of Death, but also to turn the fort into a giant bug zapper.
Lured in by the hypnotic light, Queen Bee and the Bugbear met their ends in a flash of blinding light. The Frog Prince would have to send Thor a gift basket to thank him for the loan of the hammer.