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The Professor and I saw this on Tabletop. We were watching the extended cut, so it was a much longer video (regular here). The Professor doesn’t really like it when things are drawn out. For example, he prefers to watch movies in fast forward, and bought the Blu-Ray Player we have because you still get sound at the first level of fast forward. So he skipped around a lot on the Tabletop video, and by the end, I thought he was uninterested in the game. However, this was the first game he wanted to check out at a gaming event we went to.

We played two rounds of the game. The first round was mostly us just getting used to the game. At first we would forget to place our action tokens on our board. In any game involving strategy, players tend to think ahead.  So we knew what we wanted to do and would do it without using the action tokens. I didn’t realize until looking at the rules while writing this that we actually made it a little bit more challenging. Instead of choosing an action and carrying it out before choosing the second, we chose both at the beginnings of our turns. So Space Cat would choose draw Objective and move Panda. After drawing her Objective, she couldn’t change her mind about moving the Panda. I think I actually prefer to play this way because it really makes you think about your actions.

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