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Tag Archives: Best Treehouse Ever

This is a quick and fun little card game. And who wouldn’t want a treehouse with a water slide, butterfly garden, and laser arcade?

Game 1 first scoring

It’s a pretty easy game to learn. You get a tree and a hand of cards. You choose one of those cards to go on your treehouse and pass your deck clockwise. When you place a room (like a butterfly garden), you have to move your balance marker. This means you can’t just build rooms on the right side of your tree because your tree would fall over! There are only two times you don’t move the balance marker: on levels 3 and 5 you can place a room in the middle of your tree.

Game 1 Final Scoring

After the first level, things can get tricky. Let’s say on level 1 you played an orange room and a blue room. On level 2 you can continue to play orange and blue rooms (if they’re available in the hand you get), or you can play other rooms. If you block your blue room, you can’t play any more blue rooms for the rest of the game. This is because if you already have a room of that color, all rooms of that color have to connect.

Once all cards have been placed or discarded, players get to choose Game Changer Cards. These change how rooms are scored at the end of the round. You don’t have to play with these cards, but it does make things more interesting.

This process if repeated two more times (total of 3 rounds), and the player with the most points wins.

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