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Ah, Firefly. This is a favorite show for many of our friends, so it’s no surprise that we got the game.
We had no idea what we were in for.
As we usually do with new games, we followed the first game play recommendation which was to use the Story Card “King of All Londinium” (we have a first edition of the game):
  1. Goal 1: Takes a Master’s Touch
    • Goal Location:

      • Jiangyin, Red Sun
    • Aim to Misbehave x2
    • Skill Test – Negotiate:
      • 1-5 Pay $1,000. Attempt Botched
      • 6-8 Pay $7,000 to Complete Goal or Attempt Botched
      • 9+ Pay $5,000 to Complete Goal or Attempt Botched
  2. Goal 2: …and Knowing is Half the Battle
    • Goal Location:
      • Londinium, White Sun
    • Aim to Misbehave x3
    • Skill Test – Tech:
      • 1-6 Attempt Botched & Warrant Issued
      • 7+ Success: Goal Complete
  3. Goal 3: Two Card Monty
    • Goal Location:
      • Boros, Georgia
    • Aim to Misbehave x4
    • Skill Test – Fight
      • 1-9 Attempt Botched & Warrant Issued
      • 10+ Success! The crown is yours!

The first player to steal the crown wins the game.
Estimated game play time: 2 hours
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