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Ticket to Ride plus Asia Map Expansion #1


  • Yellow: President Gamer and Shutter
  • Blue: Clumsy Ninja and Space Cat
  • Green: Chubby Unicorn and The Professor

This Ticket to Ride expansion adds an interesting new element of game play: teams. Each team is given two card holders, and each team member receives 27 trains, 4 train cards, and 5 destination tickets. The card holder is for the cards the team members will share. All other cards are to be kept secret, and players are instructed to not talk strategy during the game. Each team member begins by choosing at least three of the five destination tickets, and places just one on a card holder. As in the original rules, players can either place trains or draw train cards, but a third option is now available. Players can share their other two destination cards with their team by placing them on the card holder. This takes up the player’s entire turn. When a player draws train cards, she draws them one at a time (unless she takes two of the same color from the visible cards). She has to decide if the first card will go in her hand, or on the card holder. Seems simple enough.

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