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  • Space Cat – Yellow, Coal Mine
  • Chubby Unicorn – Green, Church
  • The Professor – Red, Store

The game begins

The game begins

It had been awhile since The Professor and I played Oregon, so I actually used the rule book to go over the game.  I think the scoring is the most difficult part because it varies so much from building to building, and sometimes you can score multiple times (Churches allow for this), and other times you only score once (Groups of Farmers).  Despite this, game play is fairly simple, and we picked up on it quickly.  The Professor started out with an early lead, but Space Cat quickly came from behind and left us in the dust. 


No matter what we did, we just couldn’t catch up to her.  The Professor had a chance with his coal and gold, but despite the 40 extra points he gained from that, Space Cat was still ahead.
We beat Space Cat... briefly

We beat Space Cat… briefly

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