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Space Cat is a HUGE X-Files fan.  I remember one day, long ago, Space Cat and I were hanging out in our dorm room (I’ve known her a LONG time).  She was playing around with some X-Files stuff on her computer and played two sound bites for me.  Both were Scully saying, “Mulder.” Space Cat asked if I could tell the difference between the two, and I said no.  Space Cat was able to tell me which episodes the sound bites were from.  They were not labeled with this information.  It was impressive, if a little disconcerting.

Given how much she adores this show, it was not surprising that she bought the board game.  It’s a five player game, so we saved it for Tabletop Day (Clumsy Ninja had to work on Tabletop Day).

President Gamer was elected to be the Cigarette Smoking Man (CSM) because of his experience as Mister X.

  • Chubby Unicorn – Mulder
  • Space Cat – Scully
  • Professor – Skinner
  • Shutter – Krycek

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