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This is the fourth in a seven part series on superhero games. This time it’s about Heroes of Metro City and the expansion Sidekicks and Storylines.

We’ve written about this game in a previous post.

This is another deck building game, but it isn’t tied to an existing superhero universe (like DC or Marvel). You’re “creating” your superhero. To start, you get to name your hero. Each player’s board has a place to write this in using a dry erase marker. Sometimes Energy Cards give an extra boost to characters with certain elements to their names (gender, animal, etc.), so you want to pick those before deciding on a name.

Each player is allotted a certain number of points to spend on cards at the beginning of the game to start building a deck. The fewer the points, the harder the game is going to be, but we’ll get to that. Some cards give you specific powers, some energy, and some give your character a “story” (hence the expansion name).

The goal is to defeat the Archenemy, but there are also Minions and Villains to deal with. Each of these has an attack that can trigger when you roll the dice. If the dice are always trying to kill you, this will be a rough game. If you’re really lucky at rolling dice, you just might save Metro City.

The premise of the game sounds awesome. I get to create my own superhero and fight bad guys.

The execution…
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Space Cat chose to play this game from our game library.

Professor and I have played the base game a few times, and it is hard.  We were soundly beaten by the villains the first time (which may have been due to a learning curve), but we’ve really struggled to win this game in the past.

Energy cards:

  • Strange Alien Artifact
  • First of Your Kind

Because we received a boost for having a gender in our heroes names, we all made sure we had that.

  • Space Cat – Spooky Girl
  • Chubby Unicorn – Star Girl
  • Professor – Spider-Man

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