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The posts on the blog will, generally, fall within two broad topics: Story and Play-by-Play Breakdown.

Story mode posts will strive to frame the game play using a narrative structure (e.g. Kyra and Merisiel entered Sandpoint and headed for the Rusty Dragon Inn to see if there were wrongs that needed righting.), while the Play-by-Play Breakdown will speak more to the choices being made in the games (e.g. Kyra and Merisiel start at The Rusty Dragon Inn; Kyra explores, encounters a Mace and acquires it).

Furthermore the following categories are used to help delineate game types:

  • 1 vs All – Mister X, X-Files
  • Competitive – Evolution, 7 Wonders
  • Cooperative – Castle Panic, Sentinels of the Multiverse
  • Deck Building – Ascension, Legendary, Star Realms

There are some games that fall under multiple categories. Star Realms for instance is a Deck Builder, but can be played Competitively or Cooperatively.

We plan to post every day this week, then move to a three times a week schedule (generally as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

At this juncture, the plan is that Wednesday will be a Story Post. Friday will be a Play-by-Play (often of Wednesday’s Story). Monday will likely be Play-by-Play or Overview, but we have some other ideas we’ll be trying out there as well. We hope y’all will stick with us!

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