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As a group we’ve played Castle Panic several times, and we’ve enjoyed the Wizard’s Tower Expansion, so when we saw the Dark Titan expansion, it was an easy buy.

We had to do a refresher on the game because we’ve played Dead Panic more recently and, while similar, there are some very different aspects to game play. As usual, there were times in the game when things looked really bad. We had several Mega Boss monsters out, things were on fire, there were plagues. It was craziness! We prioritized keeping the Wizard’s Tower intact because the wizard cards were helping us to keep monsters with special kill zones in those zones (i.e. the Gargoyle). President Gamer relied on the regular Castle cards over the Wizard’s Deck, while the rest of us took a mix of cards. We managed to light Agranok on fire, but unfortunately a single fire can’t kill him since his last two HP have to be taken at the same time. Thankfully when we lit him on fire, we were also able to move him back, giving us more time to destroy him.

Castle Panic plus expansionsWe were able to get the Cavalier out twice and got the Reserve Squad to the Castle Ring. The Stonemason’s Cart and the Supply Wagon were drawn a little too late to be really useful, and we never drew a Boiling Oil card when there were monsters in the Swordsman Ring. Barrage was also a card that was passed around a lot, but it was rare for enough of us to have hit cards to make it worth playing. But that’s how games go sometimes.

Dark Titan adds some interesting new elements. The support tokens (Supply Wagon, Reserve Squad, and Stonemason’s Cart) and the Cavalier can really come in handy when drawn at the right time. The new Elite monsters can be really tough for those of us the die hates, so unless you’re a master at die rolling, it’s best to use methods other than hit cards to destroy them. The Dark Sorceress reduces your hand size, so she needs to be destroyed ASAP. Whenever possible, you should use slay cards on Agranok since they take out half of his HP. Overall we enjoyed playing with this newest expansion.

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