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The Professor and I have had Walk the Plank for some time (we backed it on Kickstarter), but we’ve never had the opportunity to play it.

We were at a gaming event and wanted a quick game we could play before we had to leave, so it seemed like a good opportunity to try this one out.

  • Space Cat – yellow
  • Clumsy Ninja – Blue
  • Chubby Unicorn – green
  • The Professor – Red.
  • Cowboy – Orange

Walk the Plank box

Game play is pretty simple. You select three cards and lay them face down in order in front of you. The idea is to try to anticipate what the other players are going to do and choose your cards based on that. This means that there’s an element of unpredictability to the game.

Once players have chosen their cards, each player takes turns turning over one card at a time (everyone plays card 1, then everyone plays card 2, and finally everyone plays card 3). You follow the instructions on the card. Shove left means you shove the player on your left as long as you are on the same space. If the player on your left isn’t on the same space as you, nothing happens. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes this means you end up killing yourself (Run Around, Charge, Retract the Plank). When everyone has played their cards, you set aside any cards with skulls (these get added back to your deck later), and choose new cards. This continues until two or fewer players have tokens left. The first time we played we thought we had to play until one player was left. That confusion didn’t affect the game too much because towards the end everyone who was left ended up killing themselves!

If we had read the rules more carefully, we would have realized that Space Cat and Chubby Unicorn had won at this point.

If we had read the rules more carefully, we would have realized that Space Cat and Chubby Unicorn had won at this point.

We didn’t realize until the second time we played that you can just flip over the plank tiles to indicate the plank has been retracted.

When we played this with our usual group, things were even more unpredictable because President Gamer chose his cards without looking at them. The other change was we had one team (because it’s a 5 player game and we had 6 people). Because the game was wildly unpredictable, I don’t think the team had any sort of advantage.

  • President Gamer – green
  • Clumsy Ninja – blue
  • Shutter – orange
  • Space Cat – yellow
  • Professor and Chubby Unicorn (team) – red

This game moved pretty fast! It didn’t take long for everyone to be down to just one token. Then Clumsy Ninja was out, then President Gamer, and finally Shutter.

Winners: Space Cat and Team Professor and Chubby Unicorn

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