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Chubby Unicorn, a Minion of Mordred, had been plotting with Space Cat, the Assassin, to sabotage Arthur’s quests and discover Merlin’s identity. The quest meeting was coming to order, and Chubby Unicorn was put in charge of the first quest: gathering new allies. She knew she would have to play this very carefully. If she decided to go on the quest herself with Space Cat, the others might uncover their evil intentions. Instead, she chose Space Cat and Professor for the quest. The approval of this pairing was put to a vote.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Clumsy Ninja said.

“Why not?” President Gamer asked.

Clumsy Ninja looked a bit uncomfortable. “Reasons.”

Chubby Unicorn thought this response was extremely odd, unless Clumsy Ninja was Merlin. It was hard to believe Merlin would slip up like this, but Chubby Unicorn wasn’t going to complain.
Because Clumsy Ninja was the only one who objected, Space Cat and Professor attempted the first quest.

Space Cat and Professor roamed the countryside for nearly a fortnight. Each time Professor thought he’d convinced someone to join them at the Round Table, the would-be-knight changed his mind. It was baffling. Little did he know, Space Cat was paying them extra visits and telling horror stories of being one of Arthur’s knights. She would then feign the same bafflement as Professor when their chosen recruit turned them down.

The pair returned to Camelot and reported the failure of the quest.

Clumsy Ninja was in charge of the next quest.

“A small band of Saxons are making their way inland,” Clumsy Ninja read from a report. “I think Shutter, President Gamer, and myself should be able to take down this threat.”
Chubby Unicorn and Space Cat didn’t want to make Merlin’s mistake, so they approved of this team.

The trio set out at dawn the next day. In just a few day’s time they encountered the band of Saxons. Though the Saxons fought fiercely, Shutter, President Gamer, and Clumsy Ninja beat them back and returned to Camelot in triumph.

“If it isn’t the Saxons, it’s the Picts,” Shutter groaned at the next quest meeting. Still tired from her previous quest, she quickly chose Professor, President Gamer, Chubby Unicorn, and Clumsy Ninja.

No one protested.

The group set out at once, President Gamer and Clumsy Ninja getting some much needed rest in the saddle as Professor and Chubby Unicorn took the lead. Chubby Unicorn kept an eye on Clumsy Ninja, hoping to confirm her suspicions about the knight’s true identity as Merlin. If Clumsy Ninja and Merlin were the same person, Chubby Unicorn would have to be careful on this quest. While she wasn’t willing to sacrifice herself to ensure its failure, she could make the quest more difficult without being too obvious about it. When they encountered the Picts, Chubby Unicorn’s horse was “spooked” and shouldered aside President Gamer’s horse as it bolted. Chubby Unicorn let her horse run a bit before turning back to the battle and dispatching two of the last Picts. She apologized profusely to President Gamer who, along with Professor, had been wounded. Despite this, they had won.

At the following quest meeting, President Gamer chose Shutter, Professor, and Space Cat to retrieve the Holy Grail. Space Cat and Chub Unicorn privately agreed that this quest seemed unlikely to succeed all on its own, so they saw no reason for Space Cat to sabotage it. Chasing after a few good leads, they group succeeded in finding the Holy Grail and returning to Camelot.

Knowing they had run out of time, Chubby Unicorn sent Space Cat to assassinate Merlin. With the wizard out of the way, Mordred’s path to victory would be assured.

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