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This is the play by play of the previously posted story mode.
This is a game we’d had for a while but hadn’t played. Since I’m a big fan of Arthurian legend, I decided it was time to try it.
For the first game we decided not to use any of the special character cards.

Cast of Characters:

  • Space Cat – Assassin
  • Chubby Unicorn – Minion of Mordred
  • Clumsy Ninja – Merlin
  • Professor, Shutter, and President Gamer – Loyal Servants of Arthur

Since I had suggested the game, I had the Leader token first. I chose Space Cat and The Professor for the quest. Clumsy Ninja was the only one who rejected the proposed team, and when she was asked why, she replied, “Reasons.” This immediately tipped me off that she was Merlin, so I wasn’t as concerned with making quests fail. Despite the first quest failing, the Loyal Servants of Arthur quickly succeeded at three quests.

  1. Quest 1: Space Cat and Professor
    1. Clumsy Ninja Objects
    2. One Success Card and One Failed Card
    3. Quest Fails
  2. Quest 2: Clumsy Ninja, Shutter, and President Gamer
    1. No Objections
    2. Three Success Cards
    3. Quest Succeeds
  3. Quest 3: Professor, President Gamer, Chubby Unicorn, and Clumsy Ninja
    1. No Objections
    2. Three Success Cards and One Failed Card
    3. Quest Succeeds
  4. Quest 4: Shutter, Professor, and Space Cat
    1. No Objections
    2. Three Success Cards
    3. Quest Succeeds

Once three quests succeeded, Space Cat and I had an opportunity to identify Merlin. I urged Space Cat to choose Clumsy Ninja. Since Space Cat and I correctly identified Merlin, Evil won!

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