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Though Arthur had loyal servants, Clumsy Ninja felt they needed to increase their numbers to help battle the dangers of the realm. She called a meeting and proposed sending Professor and Shutter out to gather new allies.
“I’m not sure that’s the best pairing,” President Gamer said.
“Why?” Clumsy Ninja asked.
“Professor will probably recruit people who share his anti-pants position.”
The rest of the group gave President Gamer a few weird looks.
“I think I can handle that,” Shutter replied, and the pairing was approved.
They set out at once, but despite their best efforts, they couldn’t convince anyone to join the cause. They returned in defeat without any clear idea why they had failed.
Despite this setback, Shutter was determined to make progress for King Arthur. She knew the Saxons were threatening to move farther inland, and proposed President Gamer, Chubby Unicorn, and Space Cat go fight them off.
“I feel like I should go on this one,” Clumsy Ninja said. “I’m itching to swing my sword.”
Professor also objected. “I want a chance to redeem myself and fight.”
Shutter would not be swayed and sent the team off.

When they returned they were a bit battered, bloody, and bruised, but they had managed to fend off the invading horde.
Despite being weary from fighting, President Gamer called a meeting to inform the others of a new attack from the Picts.
“I’ll go back out myself, and I’d like to take Shutter, Chubby Unicorn, and Clumsy Ninja with me.”
Chubby Unicorn groaned. “I need a break.”
Both Professor and Space Cat objected to President Gamer going back out so soon. Of the three who fought the Saxons, he seemed to be in the worst shape.
President Gamer ignored these complaints, but did decide to take Space Cat instead of Shutter. A confusing switch, but his mood kept anyone from objecting further.
Even though three of the group members had just been out fighting the Saxons, they managed to beat back the Picts with no difficulties.
Once they returned, Space Cat decided it was time to seek out the Holy Grail. She chose Clumsy Ninja and Professor to go with her.
Both President Gamer and Shutter urged Space Cat to change her mind, especially how hard she’d been working lately. Professor also objected, but just because he was being contrary.
“Well, I’m still going,” Space Cat said, “but I’ll take Shutter instead of Professor.”
There were no objections after that, and the three set out on their quest. News of their progress occasionally reached the others, so they knew the group was meeting with some challenges along the way, but they eventually returned victorious.
Sadly, the next morning they found Chubby Unicorn dead, apparently assassinated, but no one knew why.

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