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This is the play by play of the previously posted story mode.

Game 2

  • Space Cat – Assassin
  • The Professor – Minion of Mordred
  • President Gamer – Merlin

Having played through once already, there were more team proposals rejected or close to rejected. Once again the first quest failed but the next three succeeded.

  1. Quest 1: Professor and Shutter
    1. President Gamer objects
    2. One Success Card and One Failed Card
    3. Quest Failed
  2. Quest 2: President Gamer, Chubby Unicorn, and Space Cat
    1. Clumsy Ninja and Professor object
    2. Two Success Cards and One Failed Card
    3. Quest Succeeded
  3. Quest 3:
    1. Rejected: President Gamer, Shutter, Clumsy Ninja, and Chubby Unicorn
    2. Space Cat, Professor, and Chubby Unicorn object.
    3. Approved: President Gamer, Chubby Unicorn, Clumsy Ninja, and Space Cat
    4. Four Success Cards
    5. Quest Succeeded
  4. Quest 4:
    1. Rejected: Professor, Space Cat, and Clumsy Ninja
    2. President Gamer, Shutter, and Professor object
    3. Approved: Clumsy Ninja, Shutter, and Space Cat
    4. Two Success Cards and One Failed Card
    5. Quest Succeeded

Space Cat – at Professor’s suggestion – incorrectly identified Chubby Unicorn as Merlin. Good wins!

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