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As a result of several brutal and mysterious murders, rumors had been spreading all around the village about the possibility that werewolves were responsible. As the mayor of Lobstopia, it was my job to calm the populace. Thus, I called a town meeting. Looking back, I realize that setting the meeting just before dark on the night of a full moon was not my wisest course of action. In my defense, no one else had a better meeting time. Unaware of the danger, everyone gathered anyway.

As the meeting dragged on into the night (as every town meeting has and will continue to do), it was decided to bar the doors for everyone’s protection. Our safety ensured, we began to fall asleep.

While most of us were sleeping, we can only assume that the werewolves somehow identified each other in the dark shadowy corners of the meeting hall, while the Seer attempted to call upon her powers to reveal a villain.

Taking advantage of so many people in one place, a Robber stole a villager’s wallet. Meanwhile a local Troublemaker swapped the wallets of two villagers.

Finally morning dawned, but the townspeople hadn’t reached any conclusion (other than that someone should have been on watch in the meeting hall). Desperate for answers, they raided the tool shed for pitchforks (hey, we make a lot of hay here), and decided to use them to “vote” on who the werewolves were. President Gamer received the most votes (as he seemed pretty sketchy), and was quickly exsanguinated through a profusion of holes.

I did think it was strange that once President Gamer was dead, Chubby Unicorn quickly left town, but small town life isn’t for everyone.

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