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This is a super quick, easy, and fun game. It’s a little like Avalon, but our group had way more fun with this game. I think part of that was due to my husband getting the free app (available for Android and iTunes) that goes along with the game. There are different options for the announcer’s voice and background sounds (Shutter didn’t like the wolves).

The first game we played didn’t involve much discussion. We looked at our tiles, followed the announcer’s instructions, and then during the discussion phase we all just looked at each other wondering what to do. So The Professor skipped ahead on the timer, and we randomly pointed at each other.

As we played more, I quickly realized that it’s important to shift around a lot and make random noise (tapping fingers on table, brushing hands across table, shifting in your seat, etc) to help cause confusion. In one round, I didn’t want other players to know I was the robber, so I moved around a lot during all the instructions. It really worked because Shutter commented that I was a lot of things (Seer, Robber, and Troublemaker).

Adding in additional characters definitely makes things more interesting.

Eventually we started discussing things and then (friendly) accusations started flying. The social aspect of the game is definitely what will keep this on our table.

The next few Wednesday and Friday posts will revolve around a few of our plays.

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