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This is an overview of the previously posted story mode.
This round we included the Masons and the Drunk. By this time, we had started to figure out why discussion would be useful. I initially wondered what the point of the Masons were, but then proposed that if the Masons revealed who they were, we could potentially narrow down who the Werewolves were. President Gamer was against this saying that the Masons are a secret society, so their members wouldn’t just reveal themselves like that. When Shutter freely admitted to being a Mason, and President Gamer groaned in outrage, we figured he was the other Mason.
The Professor tried the logic that maybe President Gamer was lying to throw us off track, but when President Gamer genuinely said “That’s a good idea!” we knew he was a Mason. We then voted, and The Professor received the most votes, so he died. He was a villager. I was the Drunk, but became werewolf when I randomly switched my card with one in the middle. We thought that made sense. The town drunk is wandering around at night and gets turned into a werewolf. I was the only werewolf. Team Werewolf won.

  • Professor – Villager
  • Clumsy Ninja – Villager
  • Space Cat – Villager
  • Shutter – Mason
  • President Gamer – Mason
  • Chubby Unicorn – Drunk (then later Werewolf)

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