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Monthly Archives: December 2016

“We’ve made good progress,” Shutter said when everyone had been gathered, “but we could use some help. I’d like to send Chubby Unicorn and Clumsy Ninja out to gather new allies.”
“I’m not sure that’s the best pairing,” President Gamer said, and Space Cat agreed.
“Why?” Shutter asked. She knew that President Gamer was either Merlin or Morgana, so she was interested to know why President Gamer was objecting.
“They’ll get sidetracked,” he said.
Shutter glanced at Chubby Unicorn. “I think they can handle it.”
Chubby Unicorn, secretly Morgana, knew she’d have to be careful, but also knew she couldn’t let the Loyal Servants of Arthur succeed. She’d have to keep Clumsy Ninja from discovering her true identity.
They set out, but as President Gamer predicted, they easily became sidetracked and couldn’t manage to recruit a single new ally.
President Gamer took charge of the next meeting, and suggested he, Shutter, and Space Cat go out to fight the Saxons.
Professor and Chubby Unicorn objected, though they couldn’t say it was because they were evil. Clumsy Ninja also objected.
“I want to redeem myself,” she said, and Chubby Unicorn quickly agreed to this idea.
President Gamer relented, a little, and allowed Clumsy Ninja to go in his place. The group went off to battle and easily bested the Saxons.
Despite this victory, they faced a new threat: the Picts.
“I think Professor, Shutter, Clumsy Ninja, and Chubby Unicorn should handle this one,” Space Cat said.
Shutter and Clumsy Ninja immediately protested. After all, they had just been out fighting. President Gamer also voiced concerns.
“Fine. I’ll go back out, and I’m taking President Gamer, Chubby Unicorn, and Professor,” Space Cat said in a tone that brooked no further arguments.
Perhaps the Picts were just too fierce, or Space Cat wasn’t as prepared for another battle as she thought. It could have been Chubby Unicorn and Professor sabotaging the mission. In any case, the four retreated in defeat.
Shortly after their return, Professor came up with a wonderful idea. He suggested they attempt to retrieve the Holy Grail. Knowing it was highly unlikely that anyone would find it, he still chose his team carefully: himself, Chubby Unicorn, and Space Cat.
“I can’t possibly go,” Chubby Unicorn said. “I need more time to recover from all that fighting.” She didn’t say that she was afraid the others were beginning to suspect her of being evil.
President Gamer, Shutter, and Clumsy Ninja objected to being left out of such a historic opportunity, so Professor relented and allowed the three of them to tackle the practically impossible quest. He felt sure they would return without the Holy Grail, so he was surprised when they actually did return with it.
Chubby Unicorn needed to do something to salvage the mess Professor had made of their plans, so she informed the others of a rampaging dragon that needed slaying.
“We really need to take care of this menace,” she said. “I think Professor, President Gamer, Clumsy Ninja, and Shutter are the perfect team for this.”
“I don’t think I want to fight a dragon,” Professor said, a little worried that Chubby Unicorn was turning on him.
“Me neither,” Shutter said.
Space Cat objected to the team just because she could. This irritated Chubby Unicorn, so her new team pick was Clumsy Ninja, Shutter, Space Cat, and herself. After all, if she went herself, she had a better chance of making the mission fail.
Despite her best efforts to get the others roasted on accident, they managed to bring down the ferocious beast.
Chubby Unicorn then met with Professor in secret.
“We’re out of time. We need to kill Merlin. It has to be either President Gamer or Shutter.”
“I’ll take care of it,” Professor said.
As he was slipping through the silent hallways that night, he caught sight of Shutter out and about as well. Initially he was going to kill President Gamer, but he thought perhaps Shutter’s presence meant she was Merlin. He quickly dispatched her, but discovered his error the next day. He and Chubby Unicorn fled, their wicked plans thwarted.

The Professor and I saw this on Tabletop. We were watching the extended cut, so it was a much longer video (regular here). The Professor doesn’t really like it when things are drawn out. For example, he prefers to watch movies in fast forward, and bought the Blu-Ray Player we have because you still get sound at the first level of fast forward. So he skipped around a lot on the Tabletop video, and by the end, I thought he was uninterested in the game. However, this was the first game he wanted to check out at a gaming event we went to.

We played two rounds of the game. The first round was mostly us just getting used to the game. At first we would forget to place our action tokens on our board. In any game involving strategy, players tend to think ahead.  So we knew what we wanted to do and would do it without using the action tokens. I didn’t realize until looking at the rules while writing this that we actually made it a little bit more challenging. Instead of choosing an action and carrying it out before choosing the second, we chose both at the beginnings of our turns. So Space Cat would choose draw Objective and move Panda. After drawing her Objective, she couldn’t change her mind about moving the Panda. I think I actually prefer to play this way because it really makes you think about your actions.

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This is the play by play of the previously posted story mode.

Game 2

  • Space Cat – Assassin
  • The Professor – Minion of Mordred
  • President Gamer – Merlin

Having played through once already, there were more team proposals rejected or close to rejected. Once again the first quest failed but the next three succeeded.
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