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The Builder and the Frog Prince faced the Bugbear and Queen Bee on the Plains. Knowing they would need a defensible position, the Builder erected a fort with incredible speed. The Builder and Frog Prince felt safer behind its walls.
Queen Bee found this laughable, and actually laughed manically as she activated the Machine of Death. She wasn’t entirely sure what the machine did, but she felt certain that soon she and Bugbear would avenge all their bug comrades eaten by the Frog Prince.
Little did Queen Bee know, the Frog Prince was considered worthy and used Thor’s hammer to not only destroy her Machine of Death, but also to turn the fort into a giant bug zapper.
Lured in by the hypnotic light, Queen Bee and the Bugbear met their ends in a flash of blinding light. The Frog Prince would have to send Thor a gift basket to thank him for the loan of the hammer.

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