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“A glorious vision came to me in my dreams,” President Gamer declared as he seated himself at the table.
Without needing to be asked a serving girl brought him a mug of cider. The others looked at him, waiting for further explanation.
When one was not forthcoming, Professor cleared his throat and spoke. “Pray tell, what was in this vision.”
President Gamer’s face brightened. “A grand temple devoted to Artemis. I have already contacted the builders to have the plans drawn up.”
“Wait,” Space Cat interrupted, gesturing with the scrolls in her hands. “I thought we were ready to move forward with my plans.”
At this the table erupted into an argument. It appeared everyone had a different plan for their city.
“No one cares about your ridiculous dream.”
“I have already found a trader willing to bring in the special marble needed.”
“The plans are finished. We should begin immediately.”

The table fell into a disgruntled silence.
“We have been debating and arguing this for nearly a month now,” Professor said with a disappointed shake of his head. “Apparently we are unable to reach any sort of accord. Perhaps it would be best if we parted ways and pursued our individual dreams and plans.”
Normally such an idea would have been immediately rejected, but friendships had become strained, and they agreed, parting on what seemed to be good terms.
Clumsy Ninja went to Alexandria, Shutter to Rhodos, President Gamer to Ephesos, Space Cat to Babylon, Professor to Halicarnassus, and Chubby Unicorn to Byzantium. They each began to work on what they called their “wonders.” They recruited Leaders in each city, but discovered that perhaps working together in certain aspects would be advantageous, so they decided they would build Great Works together.
Given how things had gone in the past, they agreed that those who wished to contribute would pay in advance for a portion of the Great Work. If the project succeeded, all who contributed would reap the rewards. To add even more encouragement to see the Great Works succeed, if the project failed, those who refused to participate would be fined.
Not everyone was thrilled with this arrangement, but overall it seemed fair.
They also decided that each city could enact up to three laws that would affect all cities, but to reduce any confusion, only four laws could be active at any one time. These laws could benefit everyone, or they could restrict certain actions. Collectively they would call the laws the Tower of Babel.
At the end of three years, they would meet again to determine who had built the greatest Wonder.

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