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In a fit of frustration, Space Cat crumpled the report. Her Leader, Berenice, would bring in a bit of extra income, but, as a lover of science, she coveted Professor’s Leader, Aristotle. Babylon already boasted a few Scientific Structures, and Space Cat planned to build more. She smoothed out the report once more and read over the rest of the information.

  • President Gamer hired Hannibal
  • Shutter hired Amytis
  • Clumsy Ninja hired Semiramis

It seemed Chubby Unicorn declined to hire a leader, and Space Cat wondered if Byzantium was suffering from cash flow issues. Since they weren’t neighboring cities, it was unlikely to have much of an impact on Babylon.

“Declaration to all cities,” the town crier of Alexandria read from a scroll. “The second Great Work to be undertaken by our collective cities shall be the River Port.”
Clumsy Ninja looked down at an identical scroll in her hands and read along:
Each city wishing to participate must be able to supply loom and build a Commercial Structure.
Fee: 100 Gold
Reward: 600 Gold
“Hmm, that might actually be possible,” she murmured.
Alexandria already had a loom supply and enough money, now Clumsy Ninja just needed to find the right Commercial Structure for her city.

Chubby Unicorn didn’t want to look over any more reports. The ones notifying her that Byzantium’s peace treaties with Halicarnassus and Alexandria were now void had ruined her day to such an extent that nothing could cheer her up. Byzantium had no military force to speak of, and Chubby Unicorn worried about the double tithe she would likely have to pay.
She considered adding a new law to the Tower, but what she really needed was three new laws. Since only four laws could be active at the Tower, the third new law would cancel out the double tithe.
Just then a runner came in with a new scroll. Though she didn’t really want to read it, she changed her mind when she saw that it was a new law for the Tower.
In order to encourage trade between cities, they had previously decided they could only use a limited amount of their own resources to build structures. The rest of the materials they would have to buy from their neighbors.
Reading over the new law, Professor had changed everything. Now each city could use an unlimited amount of their own clay, stone, ore, and wood.

President Gamer surveyed the completed Temple of Artemis and felt a surge of pride. No one else had yet to complete a wonder. He knew his plans had been the best, and now here was the proof for the others to see.
Just then a runner came with a scroll. President Gamer read through the contents and snorted in disgust, his good mood dampened. They had divided into six cities for a reason, but now Space Cat and Professor were passing all these “buddy buddy” laws.
“Not that Space Cat’s law will do much,” he remarked to himself.
Since each city could use an infinite amount of it’s own resources, trade of clay, stone, ore, and wood was down. It only seemed logical to then increase the cost of those raw materials, but Space Cat had instead cut the price in half. It was insanity.
He really didn’t know what to make of Professor’s law unless Halicarnassus was planning to host a plethora of Guilds. He looked over the law again:
Each time a city establishes a Guild, that city will receive a bonus of 500 gold
President Gamer thought that was a bit vague. Where would this 500 gold come from? Plus given the military force of Halicarnassus, why would Professor want to replace the double tithe law? He would need to investigate this matter further.

Congratulations! The top of the scroll read, and Shutter smiled.
The Great Work River Port was a success!
The following cities will each receive 600 gold:

  • Rhodos
  • Ephesos
  • Babylon
  • Byzantium
  • For contributing to the Great Work twice Halicarnassus will receive 1,200 gold

Given that one of the strengths of her city was its Commercial District, Shutter could have contributed more to the Great Work, but after being burned on Double Walls, she had wanted to be more cautious. In any case, she reveled in the success and extra income for Rhodos.

As the end of the year approached, Professor reviewed his military victories. There was a part of him that felt guilty for defeating Babylon and Byzantium since they had no military forces. Mostly he looked forward to receiving their tithes, even though this year it would only be the regular tithe instead of double.
He wasn’t at all surprised by Alexandria’s victories over Byzantium and Rhodos. After his own city had defeated Alexandria the previous year, Clumsy Ninja had increased her military significantly.
He did find Ephesos victory over Rhodos intriguing. President Gamer had broken the stalemate, and beaten Shutter’s military by a narrow margin. Of course, the army of Ephesos had also easily defeated Babylon.
With the beginning of the next year looming, would the other cities complete their wonders?

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