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Setup details available in the first post.
Space Cat looked out over her Gardens. Stage two was complete, and they would begin stage three shortly. President Gamer had already finished his Temple, and Professor had just finished his Mausoleum by using resources the others used to hire Leaders. Space Cat hoped Cleopatra would be worth the gold she’d spent to hire her.
Her spies had reported that Clumsy Ninja had hired Nefertiti; Solomon had brought enough resources to Byzantium to build a structure for Chubby Unicorn, and Caesar was increasing the military forces in Rhodos. Space Cat hoped this meant President Gamer, who’d hired Nebuchadnezzar, would turn his attentions to Shutter in Rhodos, since Space Cat’s Babylon still didn’t have a military. If she wanted to complete her Gardens, which she had every intention of doing, she couldn’t spare any resources on armies. It was time to get to work.

“Just my luck,” Clumsy Ninja groaned as she looked over the details of the next Great Work.
Declaration to all cities:
The final Great Work to be undertaken by our collective cities shall be the Archives
Each city wishing to participate must build a Scientific Structure
Fee: 400 Gold
Reward: Resources to complete another Scientific Structure
Even though she’d wanted to participate in the last Great Work, she was finding herself hampered by her inability to get glass. Her own glass resources had been used to pay reparations when the first Great Work failed, and neither Rhodos nor Byzantium had any glass for her to buy.
Though her army was nothing to laugh at, Alexandria didn’t have any Scientific Structures. Finding the resources and location for one now would prove more difficult. Plus she had only completed stage one of her wonder and pressure to continue construction was mounting.

Chubby Unicorn faced a conundrum. On the one hand, she wanted to get back at Professor for tricking her. He had clearly implied that he would help her build a Scientific Structure in order for her to contribute to the Great work. Instead he had built his own, and passed nothing useful on to her. On the other hand, she wanted to broker peace once more with Halicarnassus and Alexandria. Professor would be unlikely to agree to peaceful terms if Chubby Unicorn acted against him in any way. She knew peace was the better option for her city, but it was still infuriating.
While she continued to look for the right resources and plans for a Scientific Structure, she focused on finishing her Civilian Structures and completing Hagia Sophia.

Reading the report over and over again didn’t change the information, but President Gamer couldn’t stop himself. How could he have missed this? Defeating Babylon militarily was too easy and therefore unsatisfying, so President Gamer decided to build a better scientific community. The Archives would be a great way for him to get ahead, until he’d heard that Space Cat had contributed to the Archives twice (as had Professor). Somehow he’d missed that particular detail of the Great Works. If only he’d have known, he would have contributed more than once, he certainly had the gold to do so. Now Space Cat would boast a better scientific community than Ephesos.

As the last details were finished on the Colossus, Shutter looked over the report on the success of the Great Work. She had been unable to complete a Scientific Structure in time to participate, and part of her envied the new buildings Ephesos, Halicarnassus, Babylon, and Byzantium would now have.
Instead she focused on the feeling of pride her Commercial Structures gave her. No other city had the commerce Rhodos had.

Notice to all cities:
Babylon to pay tithe to Halicarnassus and Ephesos
Halicarnassus to pay tithe to Alexandria
Rhodos to pay tithe to Alexandria
Ephesos to pay tithe to Rhodos
Professor sighed. He knew he shouldn’t have agreed to peace with Byzantium, especially since it was in Chubby Unicorn’s best interest to broker peace with Alexandria as well. Clumsy Ninja had certainly increased her army.

It had been three years since they’d parted ways.
Despite being unable to complete her Lighthouse, Clumsy Ninja held her head high. No one could defeat Alexandria in battle, and that was something to be proud of.
As they compared the various districts of their city, it became increasingly apparent that Halicarnassus had the most balanced construction. Though some of them grumbled and wanted to object, they ultimately decided to declare Halicarnassus the most successful city.

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