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It has become a running joke that Space Cat always wins. During games we often make comments like: “Space Cat’s going to win”, “I’m shooting for second place!”, and “Second place? That’s a win!” Space Cat is a very good sport about all this teasing, though she has pointed out that she doesn’t always win.

7 Wonders is a favorite of our group, but President Gamer thinks Space Cat frequently wins. I wasn’t so sure about this. We keep all the score sheets, so I looked through past games to test the veracity of his statement. I discovered something interesting. In reality Space Cat has only won 7 Wonders once. How could we be so wrong about this?

It could be that one time when we hadn’t played 7 Wonders in a while. We were setting up the game, and Space cat asked “How do you play this game?” President Gamer responded, “Turn cards over, Space Cat wins!” That could be the game she won.

It could be that because Space Cat favors the green (science) cards in 7 Wonders and often scores high in that category. We know this because Professor often lets us know Space Cat’s score on just the green cards. Unless Professor announces a higher score, we must assume that she has the highest score in green cards. Could it be hearing that one score makes us think Space Cat has completely smoked us?

President Gamer was completely shocked by this discovery. He couldn’t believe his perception was so off, especially because he and Professor win 7 Wonders almost all the time. He even scanned all the score sheets in order to plot the data.

On the other hand, this could all be a ploy by President Gamer. Did he start this rumor that Space Cat always wins? Maybe he wanted to distract the rest of us. We’re so concerned about keeping cards from Space Cat that we don’t really pay attention to what he’s doing, and that’s how he wins so often. Devious.

However, the one game Space Cat does almost always win: Alhambra.

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