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For about 5 or 6 years we gamed together. At times we couldn’t all make to a game night, but it was the six of us for what seemed like forever. Chubby Unicorn, Professor, Space Cat, Clumsy Ninja, Shutter, and President Gamer. Even after Professor and I had our son (Quaggan), we continued to game together. We just shifted game night to game day, otherwise Professor and I would have gone insane long ago.

We fell into certain habits. President Gamer would need a bowl of M&Ms and would bring a meat and cheese tray, Shutter would bring gluten free snacks, Clumsy Ninja would occasionally bring her to-die-for stuffed strawberries, and usually Professor and I would make a dessert. Space Cat’s food contribution was always a surprise.

We went from a tiny table that could barely hold our larger games, to a table with a leaf which only urged us to buy bigger games or more expansions, and our collection certainly has grown.

There were times over the years when one or more of us discussed the possibility of a move, but it was always in hypotheticals.

Then it happened.

President Gamer and Shutter would be moving across the country. We were happy for their new opportunities, but sad to see our group breaking up. President Gamer is still trying to figure out a way for us all to game together (Tabletopia seems promising).

For our final gathering we played our two favorites: 7 Wonders (winner: Professor) and Alhambra (winner: Space Cat), Clumsy Ninja brought those delicious strawberries, and we sent President Gamer off with several bags of M&Ms (which definitely didn’t make it to their new house).

It’s certainly been an adjustment. I keep forgetting how many players we have and often overlook the 4-5 player games we couldn’t play before.

One of our other friends, Signing Monkey, is another big fan of games. We bought her Codenames for her birthday, and she said she was inviting herself over to play. Most of the games we have max out at 6 players, so we never even thought about adding anyone else to our group. Now we had that option and decided to add Signing Monkey. We’ve already introduced her to many of our favorite games, and look forward to playing many more. Player Profiles has been updated with some more information about her, so head on over to find out more.

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