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Our board game collection takes up a serious amount of space. Most game boxes have an excessive amount of empty space inside (aka “slack fill”). Regardless of the reason (plastic/cardboard trays are the usual culprit), the wasted space makes the boxes bigger. It is also rare that the publisher leaves room for expansions, which means that you have your original game box, and each expansion. For our 7 wonders collection, this was a large stack of boxes. It also meant that when we wanted to play 7 Wonders, we had to get all the boxes, open each up and collect the various cards and extra bits from each one, creating a lengthy setup (and tear down) process.

Enter the The Broken Token Organizer for 7 Wonders (aka the Wondrous Organizer).

This marvel of modern engineering allows for storing the base game, Cities, Leaders, and the Wonder Pack all in one box. It also allows for storage of the Babel tiles and tokens, however there isn’t really room for the Babel board. We resolved this problem by putting the Babel Board board, rulebooks, and scoring pads in the Babel box.

The organizer is several sheets of wood that you punch out and assemble (they have video guides to help), then place inside the original 7 Wonders box. It has dividers to separate almost everything, and it fits all the cards sleeved. The last part was a key feature for us, since the original boxes barely fit the sleeved cards. Setup and tear down is now MUCH faster. There is a compartment for each bit and we are down to using only 2 boxes.

The only downside is that if another expansion comes out, this solution may become obsolete. The Broken Token (the creators of this organizer) ran into this problem when they created the 7 Wonders: Duel organizer; the expansion (Pantheon) didn’t quite fit, so they created a new one (the Dueling Gods Organizer) and marked the original (Dueling Organizer) half off.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. This easily cut our setup and tear down time in half. Which meant more time to play more games!

This entry covered a storage solution for 7 Wonders (and its 2 Player sister product: Duel), but our next entry will talk about a multigame storage solution that we backed on kickstarter and are very happy to have: BitBoxes.

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