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As Chubby Unicorn mentioned in her post, tastes change. My original profile listed 7 Wonders, Flash Point, and Velociraptor Cannibalism as my top 3 games.

A while back I swapped in Lords of Waterdeep for Velociraptor Cannibalism due to not getting to play much of the latter and then not being nearly as excited when we did play it.

As of today, my choices are:

  1. 7 Wonders
  2. Lords of Waterdeep
  3. Legendary

With Terra Mystica and Flash Point being close runners up.

I love playing co-op games so why is it only my 3rd that is co-op?

I like the building and drafting mechanism of 7 Wonders so much that I find it hard to ever say no to 7 Wonders. The building aspect is what got Terra Mystica to be a very close runner up.

As for Lords of Waterdeep: Worker Placement has become one of my favorite genres and of the games we have played I think this is one of the best (with Pillars of the Earth a close second).

Legendary: no two games of this have ever been the same for us. The possibilities are not truly endless, but they are close enough that we are unlikely to reach them. Heck, we haven’t even gotten close to playing with every Mastermind or Schema, let alone every hero!

I’m sure these types of posts will become a (at the very least) yearly topic, so it will be interesting to see what we think come next year!

Feel free to share your favorite games in the comments.

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