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This is the play-by-play version of the previously posted story mode.

If the Shadow Clock location is still open at the end of a turn and no character is there, discard the top card of the Blessings deck.

  • Seoni – Rin figurine
  • Seelah – Saber figurine


  • Temple- Seoni start
  • Shadow Clock
  • Shrine to Lamashtu –┬áSeelah Start
  • City Gate

Seelah opening hand:

  1. Magic Shield (favored card type)
  2. Spiked Chain
  3. Longsword +1
  4. Cure

Seoni starting hand:

  1. Frost Ray (favored card type)
  2. Force Missile
  3. Acolyte
  4. Blessing of Pharasma
  5. Sage’s Journal
  6. Blessing of Irori

Seoni 1st turn

Encountered Scimitar – Strength 7

Not possible

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The interrogation of Ironbirar led the sheriff to ask Seoni and Seelah to investigate an “angel” in the Shadow Clock. He also warned them to keep on guard for faceless stalkers describing them as clay-like creatures possibly capable of shapeshifting.

A little wary of inspecting the Shadow Clock without more information, Seoni decided take her acolyte to the temple while Seelah checked out the Shrine to Lamashtu.

“Something seems to have happened here,” Seoni remarked as they passed yet another scimitar.

“It doesn’t look like it turned out well for whomever owned those weapons,” Amy added.

Seoni nodded in agreement as she examined a spyglass. It seemed to be intact which made it as useful acquisition. “Let’s see what else we can find.”

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