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Tag Archives: Them Ogres Ain’t Right

This is the play-by-play version of the previously posted story mode.

If you defeat a henchman, place it in a stack next to the scenario card. The difficulty to defeat Mammy Graul is increased by 1 per card in this stack.

  • Seoni – Rin figurine
  • Seelah – Saber figurine


  • Wooden Bridge
  • Farmhouse – Seoni start
  • Turtleback Ferry
  • Woods – Seelah Start

Seelah opening hand:

  1. Magic Shield (favored card type)
  2. Spiked Chain
  3. Longsword +1
  4. Standard Bearer

Seoni starting hand:

  1. Lightning Bolt (favored card type)
  2. Force Missile
  3. Toad
  4. Blessing of Pharasma
  5. Sage’s Journal
  6. Sihedron Medallion

Seelah 1st turn

Encountered Ruckus Graul and Hound – Hound Combat 10 then Ruckus Combat 13

If you defeat the Hound the difficulty to defeat Ruckus is decreased by 2

Longsword +1 – 2d8 (+5), rolled 10, total 16, Hound defeated

Combat 11

Longsword +1 – 2d8 (+5), rolled 13, total 19, Ruckus defeated

Attempted to close Woods – Wisdom 6

d8, used special to discard top card of deck for d6 +1 (Blessing recharged), rolled 8, total 9

Woods closed

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It finally seemed like the sheriff had run out of tasks for Seoni and Seelah. They were discussing their potential destinations when Shalelu Andosana approached them.

“I need your help,” she said.

Given how helpful she’d been, Seoni almost immediately agreed without hearing any details, but Seelah wanted to know more.

“Fort Rannick has fallen, and I would like to go to Turtleback Ferry to investigate. Rumors are that a clan of deformed ogres are involved.”

Seelah looked at Seoni who shrugged as if to say, “what do you think?”

“Sounds like something worth looking into,” Seelah said.

Shalelu thanked them, then said she would scout ahead for them. The trip was fairly short and Seelah decided to begin by searching the woods, her standard bearer at her side. Seoni took her toad to a rather rundown looking farmhouse.

Seelah was used to woods being treacherous, but she hadn’t expected to immediately run into one of the deformed ogres. This one had a hound with him, which was immediately sent to attack her. She easily dispatched the dog with her longsword. The ogre seemed a bit distracted by the loss of his pet and also fell quickly.

When no other ogres showed up, Seelah assume she’d taken care of the biggest threat and decided to head to the wooden bridge.

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