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This is part 5 in the story mode of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

Al took out another zombie just as Father Michael began speaking into the radio, asking for help.

“They’re close by,” Father Michael said, taking off the headset.

Only moments later a van appeared at the edge of the woods.

“All right, let’s get out of here!” David said, stepping outside.

Julie finished cramming a nutrition bar in her mouth.

“Godspeed, child,” Father Michael said as she readied herself to run.

Dead Panic 5She nodded her thanks, then raced to the van, clamoring inside.

Sandra jumped outside the cabin, tackling a zombie and killing it before it could chase after Julie.

Al, on a rampage, killed four more zombies while David took out two.

“Is it just me, or do they seem to be moving faster?” Sandra asked, before she had to fend off another zombie. She fell back, wounded.

Julie had taken over driving the van. The poor soul who’d come to rescue them had succumbed to his wounds. Unsure if he’d been bitten, Julie shoved him out the door and drove around to pick up Sandra. Ray was also headed for the van.

While taking out another three zombies, Al was wounded. David and Ray kill three more between the two of them, and Sandra managed to wound yet another on her way to the van.

As Julie continued driving toward Sandra, she prayed that none of her compatriots had been bitten.

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