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This is part 1 in the story mode version of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

Father Michael groaned as he came to. He gingerly touched his head as he slowly opened his eyes. He recognized the others. There was David, a personal trainer, Julie, a delivery driver, Sandra, a police officer, Ray, a paramedic, and Al, a construction worker. It took him another moment to remember where they were and what had happened. It appeared the zombie apocalypse had begun. They had run for their lives and ended up in a cabin in the woods. Zombie infested woods, so they probably weren’t as safe as they could be. He reached up to touch his cross, and found the front of his shirt was damp. His hand came away bloody.

“What?” he croaked.

“We’re not sure where all that blood came from,” David said from his post near a couple of windows, “but it’s not yours. It’ll probably attract the zombies, though, so be careful.”

Father Michael nodded in return. With the zombies still lurking a safe distance away, they all decided to see if there was anything useful in the cabin. Father Michael found a pistol with two bullets and a bag of trail mix while David discovered a working chainsaw and a toolbox containing a hammer and some nails.

“What kind of people own this place?” Julie asked holding up a rifle and an ax, and then passing another rifle to Sandra.

Dead Panic 1“Whoever it is, they seem well prepared,” Sandra replied, checking the pistol she’d found for ammunition. The candlestick didn’t seem as useful.

As he looked around, Al chimed in, “I don’t know, a bit more ammo would have been nice. It doesn’t look like there’s any ammo other than what’s already loaded.”

Ray looked a little dubiously at the pipe wrench and machete he’d discovered; Al frowned in disappointment at his own finds: a flare gun, a hammer, and some nails.

“Was that gunfire?” Ray asked, looking a little panicked.

“If it was, maybe it will draw the zombies away from us,” Sandra said.

“Someone’s outside!” Julie exclaimed.

“Over here too!” David said, pointing out the window.

They all looked out to see two other poor souls making their way to the cabin. They watched as the first was surrounded by three zombies. He managed to take them all down, but then lay unmoving.

“He’s turned for sure,” Al said.

The other fared better; taking out a zombie and finding a temporary hiding spot.

As the remaining zombies began to close in, Father Michael looked down at the gun in his hands.

“You going to be able to use that?” David asked.

Father Michael considered this. “I don’t think ‘thou shall not kill’ applies to the undead.”

This decision was soon tested as the zombies came within range, and he had to use the gun to kill one of them shambling towards the cabin. Julie also took out one of the undead with her rifle, while Sandra managed to kill two and wound a third.

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  1. Love it!!!

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