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We’d only played this game once before, and Space Cat gained a reputation as an egg stealer as a result.  It had been a while, though, so we did a refresher on the rules.  Since the three cards we drew were all high level predators, we decided to give the deck another shuffle before actually starting.

  • Chubby Unicorn – Sprinkles
  • Professor – Reginald
  • Space Cat – Mortimer
  • Shutter – Brian
  • Clumsy Ninja – Randolph
  • President Gamer – Fleet Captain Morgan

Early on in the game Professor drew a rapid evolution card.  He was lucky enough to draw some good cards from the meat locker and had the advantage for the rest of the game (especially when he was drawing 6 cards per turn!).  The rest of us had to cannibalize our parts and struggled to get eggs; eggs that Professor quickly stole from us.  I think the best moment in the game was when Shutter drew tentacles that could be placed in any body part slot.  She chose to have the tentacles as her head, and when President Gamer noticed, his facial expression was priceless.

This game moves a bit slower than the ones we usually play.  Depending on the cards drawn, a turn can be really quick (such as when you only draw enough prey for the upkeep of your body parts and that’s it), or there can be a lot to consider (drawing an event card, being able to draw from the meat locker, or reproduce, etc).  When you can’t seem to draw the prey you need, you can feel a little stuck.  This game was also challenging because Professor evolved so quickly.  He was the one we needed to attack, but no one had the attack power to do so.  A lot depends on the cards, which means game play is heavily based on luck.

Winner: Professor

Chubby Unicorn’s Sprinkles
Professor’s Reginald
Space Cat’s Mortimer
Shutter’s Brian
Clumsy Ninja’s Randolph
President Gamer’s Fleet Captain Morgan

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