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Tag Archives: Velociraptor Cannibalism

As Chubby Unicorn mentioned in her post, tastes change. My original profile listed 7 Wonders, Flash Point, and Velociraptor Cannibalism as my top 3 games.

A while back I swapped in Lords of Waterdeep for Velociraptor Cannibalism due to not getting to play much of the latter and then not being nearly as excited when we did play it.

As of today, my choices are:
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We’d only played this game once before, and Space Cat gained a reputation as an egg stealer as a result.  It had been a while, though, so we did a refresher on the rules.  Since the three cards we drew were all high level predators, we decided to give the deck another shuffle before actually starting.

  • Chubby Unicorn – Sprinkles
  • Professor – Reginald
  • Space Cat – Mortimer
  • Shutter – Brian
  • Clumsy Ninja – Randolph
  • President Gamer – Fleet Captain Morgan

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